Coastal Dubrovnik Beyond Adriatic Alps Tours

For most of the th century slovenia croatia, and bosnia herzegovina were known as yugoslavia but they’re rich heritage is much much older in the last century with the adversity, and violence of two world wars these countries were forced to become one today these nations try to redefine their identity, and independence.

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I didn’t expect that there would be such a variety of settings. We’ve gone from the Mediterranean which been my experience look like the area of southern Italy and We’ve gone now into the Alps what history will you witness in the colorful lands of the former Yugoslavia Dubrovnik Europe’s best-preserved late medieval walled city, and the pearl of the Adriatic on the Dalmatian coast the system of walls was a model fortification in the Middle Ages never breached by a hostile army they run almost one, and a quarter miles around the city on the landward side they are feet thick, and on the seaward side five to feet dubrovnik is probably one of the most beautiful cities.

I’ve ever seen something you hear about forever, and you’re just feel lucky to be there, it’s been an important mediterranean sea port since the th century rivaling that of Venice Italy ships carried trade from much of Europe to the Middle East bled castle is said to be the oldest castle in Slovenia the castles first appearance in the historical record was over a thousand years ago perched feet above the glacial lake bled by castle terraces offer the finest view of bled island but town of blood, and the wider countryside of the Goron ska region that’s the titos right over there yeah, and that’s the most wealthy man on the lake.

That white something there yeah, it’s beautiful, and there is a huge surprise when they come to like blade especially in a day like this the village of krappa is the cradle of slogan iron forging traces of its metal works go as far back as Celtic times the iron forging museum in krappa demonstrates centuries old iron working, and an insight into former daily life in the crowbar carry slovenia croatia, and bosnia herzegovina are at the Nexus of central, and southern Europe with the Mediterranean Sea you are back in Europe you are backing in venetian times with you back in in in Italian times a meeting place of many cultures with threads that tie too much of the rest of the world including perhaps your own.

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