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The wrecks of three sunken boats all solar divers in the vicinity of this, it’s interesting that the Austrian Briony degree Basilio’s, and the Italian techie were all marooned here in the s there was no treasure on the boats but it died near the shores of fish can be an exciting adventure anyway for experienced divers the capital of the island bearing the same name was born from the union of two settlements hoot, and Lucca it lies on the northern coast of the island in a wide bay numerous monuments of the ancient Roman settlement can still be seen here today the statue portraying Vespasiano Caesar is exhibited in the closest tourist Museum in Vienna but the th century bronze statue of the goddess Aphrodite remained on fists in the ISA archeological collection the Renaissance era baldie Palace, and the holiday house of the Croatian writer.

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Gazzara which are worth mentioning among monuments of the later centuries the parish church named after the sicilian madonna was built in the th century marshal tito conducted some of the partisan battles fought against the germans from one of the bomb-proof caves of face Vader the Yugoslavian People’s Army was stationed here an archaeologists found the remains of numerous Hellenistic, and even earlier buildings only when they passed their territories over to the local government after the South Slav War the excavation of these is still in progress the Museum of local history was placed in the forest called Battaglia the late baroque Church of st. Cyprian, and Justine is the only cruciform Church in the vicinity the port of vishka serves as a port for ferries tourist boats fishing boats as well as private yachts did you know that marinas the founder of the first european republic san marino was born in the croatian islands the most significant figure of renaissance miniature painting julia Kovac was born here, and filleted CEO Pettit Chooch who sat on the throne of st.

Peter as Pope Sixtus v we could of course also mention Marco Polo, and Nikola Tesla the inventor the founder of the first military band the inventors of the fountain pen the Zeppelin, and fingerprint identification or all Croatian the necktie is also a Croatian invention to which its old name cravat refers all Croatians built those small stone churches before the Romanesque period which weren’t only sanctuaries but also served as Sun dials, and calendars the oldest known passion song originates from the island of flaw Croatians at their own writing between the th, and th centuries the. So called flag elite script in which numerous church, and historical documents were written you.

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