Seine River Cruise

Christmastime on the sin River from the City of Lights to Frances smaller medieval towns holiday spirit uh boundaries here a few highlights along the sin the marche de noel is the perfect place to sample the seasonal tradition of VAS show or hot wine red wine mixed with sugar cinnamon, and love the river ship Bizet is dockside, and Rouen France where travelers disembark eager for a walking tour program director Jean Pierre rallies the coop passengers discover history the discover also the beautiful cities like wrong its half-timbered houses, and then that’s what makes it.

Seine River Cruise Photo Gallery

So interesting the th century half-timbered houses are are always covered with plaster, and the medieval houses they came back the Middle Ages that we are built at the same time as the Gothic churches are easy to recognize. Because they have cantilevers there are duties when the streets were narrow they could touch each other ruin lost half its population to the plague in when a second outbreak descended bones were stacked floor to ceiling in the second floor galleries the grow or Lowe’s or great clock chimed on the hour half hour, and quarter hour the globe on top indicated the phase of the moon.

And, the chariot tells the day of the week Ruach is perhaps most famous for its connection to Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake here for heresy in he put at the stage together hood, and according to most historians he put the mitre of infamy you know the criminals were had a very special hat well they’re quite cold mitre of infamy years after her death a retrial pronounced her innocent she was canonized in becoming one of the patron saints of France after working up an appetite, it’s back to the ship for lunch explore the Gothic architecture immerse yourself in holiday traditions, and meet the welcoming people that make Christmastime, and medieval Europe a holiday to remember you.

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