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It was quite a battle. Even with the sheep gripped Urumqi Map between my knees, and my hands holding its horns as handlebars, trying to keep him Urumqi Map still, he reared, ducked and struggled until occasionally we all fell to the ground. Afterwards we went into the tent for a bowl of milky tea. Paramon told me that her father owns forty sheep, five horses and twelve yaks. When any tea-bowl was empty it was immediately refilled, and if a person was hungry he just added some tsamba. It can be drunk as a thin warming gruel, or thickened until tacky or solidOn an August morning the post arrived, giving me notice that I had passed the requisite O-levels to be accepted. I shouted upstairs to my father. He told me to write to the shipping company and tell them. I wrote a rather solemn, unpractised letter, enclosing my examination pass papers. A week later I received a contract to be signed by my father and I, an appointment for a medical examination, a uniform and kit list, and sundry instructions. The September intake at the School of Navigation was full, so they were going to send me straight to sea first for three months or so. If all went according to plan, I would ship out in early October. My life was at ten to midnight. My medical examination was held at the shipping company offices, where I was probed and studied and tested and given intensive eyesight and colour sight examinations. They gave me a hearing test, which involved me putting on a set of headphones and confirming when I could no longer hear a diminishing beeping noise.

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