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The mother temple of besakih otherwise known as pura besakih an prasad yoga is the most important imperial temple of bali these temples are the locations of every big feast in which all the islanders young, and old participate the temple just like Linda knew was built on the side of a crater since the megalithic age there’s been a serious religious reason for building temples on volcanoes in the ancient natural religions fire, and volcanoes were respected as gods according to Balinese.

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Belief the main God is Gulen a goon for whom the holy mountain was named the road leading to besakih is an ancient pilgrim road leading to four temples bong Geun sakti cool uncle cool Matata sleeve, and flora panna cotta an igloo this road used to be accessible only on foot but today we can hire a motorbike with the driver however you reach it the first site is by a split pyramid-shaped inner gate we aren’t allowed to enter.

If our arms or legs are uncovered thus we may have to rant us our own permission must be asked before taking any photographs, and we must take care not to hurt the local people’s feelings in the yard beside drama in Sivas throne we can find the place of besakih heat Holy Trinity Sangha a goon the pagodas with seven nine, and eleven towers are named Mary after the hindus holy mountain their shrines but at the same time there are also symbols which are difficult to explain the sacrifice is shown at the big feast held here Mina cleansing, and gaining the grace of the gods in other words the hope for a happy life such beasts organize every month but there are some which are only annual affairs or even every ten or hundred years ekadesha means which is the number of those cosmic gods to whom.

We have to offer a sacrifice every hundred years the believer who has the chance to participate in such a special ceremony during his lifetime can be happy many people don’t know about these uncommon feasts anyway Balinese time is. So complicated that only a few local hierarchs can see through it aptly a year consists of weeks in days, and due to its connection with astronomy astrologist may be interested in the volcanic butt to a mountain, and its surroundings hide several natural beauties. So, it’s no coincidence that, it’s the favorite place of hikers on the island several volcanic lakes can be found but the biggest is Lake butt or which is about by kilometers, it’s about meters from the edge of the crater, and on its coast we can find several small settlements departing from Quetta Sun village we can have a boat ride on the lake the nearby there is a bath with warm water if we find the lake too cold you can’t get to know Valley completely without watching a performance of a local dance.

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