Top Travel Destinations New Zealand

Top Travel Destinations New Zealand

the locals do – by bus, train, tuk tuk, rickshaw or rented bicycle. Travelling on overnight buses and trains enables you to sleep safely; save the money you would, otherwise, have to pay for a hostel room; and, get to the next stop along your planned journey.

Making friends along the way greatly enhances your overall travel experience. So, be brave. At the hostels, festivals, museums,wherever, meet and greet other travelers and locals; ask them questions regarding the food they eat and the things they do; participate in activities with them; even couch surf at their homes in exchange for lessons in English; or, give them something you own and can do without that they seem to love and want ever so badly.

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You are travelling to experience new and different things; so, find things to do in each place. Inquire about the free things. Go to free shows; ask about one card to all museums, the cost of which might include transportation; walk to the beach and local attractions; make or buy a sandwich; and, eat it near a waterfall or in a park where you feel safe.

When I went to San Diego, I did some good walking in the company of my sister, her last son and a family friend. We walked and walked and enjoyed the sights.

We passed by this park where some homeless men seemed to squat. The stench of pee filled the air; and, we hurried past that stretch of road like antelopes.

But, that was not the only undesirable experience I had. In what seemed to be a popular mall complex, when I went into the public restroom, I felt that a young man was checking me out, not that I thought he was gay and was after a restroom experience; but, more like he had pegged me as a visitor who had money.

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