Violence Against Women Posters

Churches are to be asked to display posters giving women details of how to access services they might need if they have experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence. The poster is the first resource from the Church of Scotland’s Violence Against Women Task Group, which is working on a series of practical resources that will help the church deepen its understanding of violence against women, respond pastorally and appropriately to those affected by violence, and advocate on behalf of gender justice.

Violence Against Women Posters Photo Gallery

The poster will be launched on the first day of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, on November 25, and the hope is that churches will display it on the inside of toilet doors. The Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, said: “The physical, emotional and spiritual damage that is sometimes perpetrated against women, leaves a scar across the lives of too many people. All of us should not only be working towards but also living out every day the principles and the practice of understanding and kindliness that will unite our world and provide a safe and affirming environment in which we live fulfilling and loving lives.

I am delighted to offer my support for the Violence Against Women Task Group’s campaign”. The poster will be sent out to all churches and will be available to download from the Violence Against Women Task Group on the Church of Scotland website at

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