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FEELING CLAUSTROPHOBIC IN THE VIETNAM WAR TUNNELS Hey Vietnam I have always wanted to say that welcome to Ho Chi Minh City everyone hey guys. So we’re going to be spending the next few days in Ho Chi Minh City with NGO eco, and checking out another volunteer project this time we are doing a community involvement project where there’s all different programs you can do.

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So it’s from working with orphanages to teaching English to helping with the homeless like feeding them, and stuff like that. So you’ll be checking out all these different projects over the next few days oops quickly got to catch up with our volunteer group. So before you actually do any volunteering you can do an optional cultural week which we highly suggest you do, and we come to the kuchi tunnels to learn a bit about the history of the Vietnam War go inside the tunnels hopefully could be a good start to the morning all right we come to our first stop on this experience, and let me know if you can find where the hidden trap door is can you guess that would you guess that it’s here look how small this is arms right up Steve this is a trap, and these are bamboo shirts that have been made into points, and look at this. So the Americans would run, and then they would fall in look like that the tactics of the Vietnamese, and the Viet Cong use against the Americans are frightening oh my god I’ve never even seen again haven’t learned about this either you did from post games right he’s like telling me all these things like I guessed it of like Steven did you get this all from post games you like yes crazy one where that like have a mouth, and then that shoot, and then look how small these holes are that they would go through, and then there’s the secret exit just over there they were telling us they would build their tunnels like zigzag. So then if an enemy tried to get in. But couldn’t, and they started to shoot it would hit the wall like it wasn’t a direct tunnel of the zigzag.

So clever, and they’re also telling us how they hid the soil they would like turd into the river, and also there’s like big craters where the Americans bond they’ll fill up the craters with soil these tunnels that we are here what is going to give this what important to this, I’m go gasp up in the middle fold into a trap of time I will get stuck in my toaster in the middle of it oh my goodness oh my god this is actually start canary, I’m feeling like really weird currently walking through the Vietnam War tunnels like bending over to get through here that’s Jess up ahead another one of the tunnel really hot down here you’re claustrophobic would not suggest I think we have certainly which from the shore to the one oh yeah oh my god that was so scary oh yes. So it was an experience he’s crawling out of the tunnels it was scary it was an exterior I really was crawling. Because it felt like that was a Wolverine above me yeah it’s raining now pouring okay well you, and me we paid this businessman don’t you have to do it right right yeah, and you your water yeah. So what are we making what to call the roll he’s just sticky noodle. So is there a name for that rice noodles rice paper rusty recording the top, and then you roll into the air Rotom science Laurie gross science okay alright guys we just checked into our hotel now if you are volunteering with this program you actually stay at a college which is across the road they have. So many volunteers at the moment and. Because we’re only staying two nights they just put us up in a hotel across the road it is currently now four o’clock the day has gone.

So quickly. So we’ve just been given up scheduled for tomorrow. Because we want to try, and see as many of the volunteering programs they have here tomorrow we’re gonna be checking out for. So it’s gonna be very jam-packed day, and a good flow to watch if you are interested in volunteering in Vietnam, and we found the house where the human I do coffee Solo in Vietnam, I’m impressed especially when Cambodia didn’t really do coffee, and we always judge a country on his partying father raining all oh my goodness teas Oh bit wet all right this here is the campus that everyone stays up all the volunteers stare, and in the rooms right up the top right up there is where all the volunteers stay, and we’ll quickly show you guys where we’re having dinner why didn’t we bring the rain jacket see you oh hey that’s all right, and then you walk down here, and in this room here, and here is the super fancy cafeteria okay guys you can tease us anymore we’re back on the local cuisine, I’m kind of getting into this Vietnamese these are like a little fried it’s actually really nice some fried spring yeah yummy hey. But in the last time I had something’s bride I know they’re yummy guys I feel like a drowned rat at the moment is rained on us like three times today. But yeah that is the end of first day tomorrow big volunteering day. So we’re going to show you four different projects should be fun.

But thanks so much for reading if you’re new around here hit comment, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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