Best Winter Travel Destinations Usa

Best Winter Travel Destinations Usa

The children, for their part, seemed to have grown and developed physically, mentally, intellectually and in almost every which way. What they had experienced with all their senses was unbelievable; and, even they could Thus, it was with that much greater anticipation notice the dramatic effect the experience had on us, adults, that we looked forward to the cruise version of Disney World.

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The internet says, “Disney cruise line is definitely the best cruise line for families with children. It is the number one choice for everyone who loves the magic of Disney.”

Well, in our case, I feel delighted to say that every expectation we could have had – individually or as a family – was surpassed on our Disney Wonder cruise in December 2001.

It began with a 1-hour drive – covering the sixty mile distance – on the Disney shuttle bus. The sights along the way were, of course, new and exciting.

On approaching the cruise terminal, I believe we could see the Kennedy Space Station looming large and surreal on the horizon nearly fourteen miles away.

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