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Hi guys anyhow here we have papi who’s been in my posts before, I’ll put the link over here I met her in where do I meet you Guatemala in this post, I’m gonna be talking about my first impressions of living here in China, and of course exploring I had a really hard time getting to China. But once I finally did I was just. So happy to be back with Livio again the first night that I was back in China he just said oh where we’re going to go somewhere I have a surprise for you he got a nice bottle of wine we ended up kind of going up in this random building once we got to the top it was just this this pyramid, and even describe it I think it must have been like the 40th floor, and it was just amazing that was my first sight of 10gen all the way at the top of the city let it a deadline.

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So Sega standard now the moon we’d go to bed, and my father say some son we got a scratch, and wait to see how can we if we say he has to be little bit hi little bit bum completely alone I was really sure what to expect my him here I thought everywhere in China was going to be super super crowded, and chin job that’s not the case a lot of places here are actually completely empty, and the city feels very spacious I think that a very defining characteristic Shenzhen is that it is not a touristy city. So I mean, I’m sure that there are scammers somewhere here. But it’s just not really a thing to worry about people say now see straight through here everything is going to get you sick people are rude I have not seen any of that at even the street food I am living, and well also Shen Jem is not polluted which was some things that I was worried about with moving to China another thing is the Schengen is so clean the metro gear is by far the best metro that I have ever experienced anywhere in the world I would never have expected that the Metro in China would be. So so awesome. But it really is it’s completely clean sometimes they even make a game while, I’m on the Metro searching for a bit of trash or dirt never anything across town in the metro is about one to maximum maximum sidearm be. So cheap that it’s basically free loving it I can’t wait to explore more, and more of the city if you’re wondering what all these mysterious shapes are here is it’s Libya’s clues we’re here that’s that Ladue, and I plan to live in Shenzhen China for about a year Libya was working he has a work visa, and then, I’m just going to keep doing about definitely not stopping traveling going to be exploring China I think there’s so much to explore here, and it’s just like really a different world, and then of course I am still going to be travelling like I was do in China, and beyond.

So all of the good things about China. But there’s also the back I don’t want to get into it too much. Because I feel like, I’m already talking too much in this post is going to be super long thing that I definitely do have to get used to here is the pushing the attitude of just everybody is basically alpha themself people’s perspective here is very different don’t know how to word it without going into all these details to tie the only way to explain it is to give example I know I didn’t want to make it sound like, I’m saying that everything here is awesome like it’s this perfect dreamland. Because it takes a lot of patience it’s hard living here. Because you are so out of your element definitely an adventure everyday sometimes if yeah too much of an adventure a few nights ago Libya when I went into a restaurant, and the waitress just ran away we didn’t know why, and couldn’t really ask them anything, and they didn’t understand. So we just had to leave just stuff like that happen sometimes like I don’t I don’t get it. But vivió is off to some interviews woke up this morning, and right out my window is a lady on the other roof doing things way outside the sword Livio is off to accept one of the many job offers that he’s gotten is a job that come on he’s been going to a lot of interviews, and this is the first one he’s accepting Oh we are going to be exploring by suggestion, and today club popping up ray explain why she don’t buy she don’t buy cheap jokes the bicycle area is kind of unique within Schengen.

Because a lot of Shenzhen as you can see in post is very modern, and clean unclear knocking down buildings, and rebuilding them and. So that creates jobs has a lot of money spent it’s just really well, and they really wanted like for everything to be very modern the government put millions, and millions of dollars into each area. So that they could build, and make it really really modern. So if I should go was the only area that said no we have a community here we have a way of life. So they actually refused the money, and they really focus on keeping their identity, and their culture here. So it’s kind of different to the rest of Schengen, and kind of more authentic I don’t think the rest of jen-jen is like not authentic. Because values how they live they prefer to be really bought in.

But it’s just different over here I think know that I live once metro stop away, and it’s all brand new brand new bills most modern yeah like you would think it’s the Western world you come one metro stop next, and you’re here, and by shijou, and it’s trying to sound completely different papi has her own blog okay go, and watch her posts right now we’re at a market I see Joe we accidentally compromise, and every time we are now wandering around in all these little tiny back alleys that are behind the market appears to be very residential I just feel like, I’m in real China right now like this is obviously where people live it’s pretty crazy rabbit just run over there. So friendly like they are enemy on post no it’s like we’re having so much fun here we don’t really know what’s going on. But this is all bikes are a major mode of transportation you see. So many people on bikes all the time around here often it’s just a sea of bicycles parked somewhere nobody ever ties up their bicycle or locks their bicycle ever there’s just thousands of bicycles that you see every day, and I’ve never once seen one locked out nobody’s just rhythm pretty cool, and your puppy don’t you I don’t know why this puppy is like fascinated with posting me posting okay. Because if used to be a blogger there on the street like can’t imagine with the Chinese you’re the champion I know. So I gather like I you know every day finish walking around the bike Joe area. So cool now we’re going to show you the contrast we’re going to go over one metro stop away high-tech parts that’s where I live yes let’s go probably how awesome is the Metro here on a scale of one to ten morning yes okay that’s not right okay now we have come one Metro subway to high tech Park it’s not very crowded at all as you can see here we are high tech Park Heights Park, and it’s like a holding world yeah we were just talking about it’s so weird.

Because this place is just like wasted space oh-ho yeah there’s just so much open space here that they’re not using for anything no it’s beautiful it’s just kind of like why is it not being used from Becky Jo we’re like everything you just saw is out crying all compact every space being viewed crowded as I where the people here they’re owned by – Joey yeah papi, and I just spent about three hours deciding where to go to dinner we want to eat a subject food. But then we don’t know what’s going on. So it’s this struggle yes Terry the menu kinda makes things difficult we’re going to go in need Livio in evidence puppies boyfriend or dinner it sounds ideal how was your game good good day not a lot of work papi where’s Evan for a smuggler along with the patient type spatial here my own guys stationed there puppy are you going to teach Livio how to longboard yeah they’re going to teach you both how to ride go down like that like a bike lane hi guys let’s go home.

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