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The harness was home-made, a collar stuffed with Best China cities for vacation straw and reinforced with a rubber strip off an old truck tyre. Its two ends were Best China cities for vacation bound with leather thongs and decorated with coloured pompoms. The old man, Ahmet, was a cobbler but he looked more like a philosopher, which to some extent he was. He seemed to have absorbed the bumps and jolts of life in the same way as his thin body sat on the cart, flexible and well-balanced, with his face relaxed into a total lack of expression. Ahmet’s warning grunt came too late and the cart’s wheels slid into a set of ruts. When you’re stuck in a rut it’s hard to get free, ‘ he pointed out.

Have the spirits of those who have passed finally given us the answer to this 130-year-old murder mystery? If we believe this, then the final pieces of the puzzle have come together.

Daniel Holcomb fired the fatal shots that stormy November evening. Judd Crouch, if he wasn’t one of the shooters, at least played a major role in the murders. For all that James Foy talked about being the killer, the EVP responses seem to indicate he was more likely a key conspirator and may have been the man standing watch. Though not seen by the victims, Foy was still a part of the murders.

There is still at least one answered question. Did James Foy actually kill himself or was he murdered? If murdered, by whom? Ah, but that is another investigation for another time.

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