Save Calories And Be Healthier With These Easy Food Switches


We’re told to be careful about adding too much oil to our salads it we’re watching our weight, but a new study might ease your conscience. Research at iowa State University found that eating salad with added tat in the storm or soybean oil – a common ingredient in commercial salad dressings – promotes the absorption of eight health-boosting micronutrients, including vitamins A, E and K. How much should you use? Using more oil equated with greater nutrient uptake, so enjoy a spoonful or two it you wish, keeping an eye on the total calories you’re eating.


‘When you goto the grocery store, buy more banana than cookies Actress Elizabeth Banks


Believing a meal we’ve eaten is bigger than it actually is means we’ll eat less food later on, according to a recent study at Sheffîeld Hallam University. Researchers gave two groups a three-egg omelette for breakfast but told one they were eating four eggs and the other they were eating two eggs. When the participants believed their omelette was bigger, they reported being less hungry two hours later, ate significantly less of a pasta lunch and, in total, consumed fewer calories throughout the day. Well- known psychological tricks you can use on yourself are serving food on smaller plates and portioning out snack foods, rather than taking them directly from a big bag.


Save calories and be healthier with these easy food switches

♦ Swap a 40g (matchbox-sized slice of Stilton (164 calories) for 40g Camembert (116 calories).SAVE 48 calories Camembert is also richer folic acid B vitamin that plays a role in fighting fatigue.

♦ Swap a handful of cheese footballs (104 calories) fora handful of cheese puffs (45 calories).SAVE 59 calories Puffier snacks take up more volume, so it’s easier to eat less.

♦ Swap a handful of roasted salted peanuts(151 calories) for a handful of roasted chestnuts (61 calories).SAVE 90 calories You’ll also cut down on salt with this option.


Fancy a quick curry that’s not the usual calorie-loaded, neon-bright takeaway?Tastesmiths’ spice kits(£3.59 for approx. 120g; are the perfect solution. Each kit contains a combo of fresh and dried spices in the right quantity for the recipe, for example Rogan Josh. You just add chicken, fish or vegetables and follow the instructions. Add boiled wholegrain rice for a speedy, balanced and tasty meal.

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