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The “Grand Canyon of Maine,” properly known as Gulf Hagas, is in the mountains of Central Maine.

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Take a day trip if you’re within a reason able driving distance. Or plan to camp out to enjoy the scenic delights thegorge, waterfalls, swimming holes, cliffs, and old growth forest. Or, if you’re hiking the toughest stretch of the Appalachian Trail Maine’s 100 Mile Wilder ness you’ll already be going right past.

Getting to the rim of Gulf Hagas involves a nearly 8 mile hike, starting with a 4.1 mile hike from the parking area on the K I Road to Stair Falls, and a 3.3=mile return hike along the Pleasant River Tote Road. The Gulf Hagas Rim Trail involves crossing both the Pleasant River (bring waterproof shoes) and the Gulf Hagas Brook. Both crossings can be riskv in high water. The first scenic splendor, a half mile in, is the Hermitage, a stand of beautiful old growth pines. About a mile after that comes Screw Auger Falls.

Located within the Appalachian Trail corridor in northern Piscataquis County, in a place with the unlikely name of Bowdoin College Grant, Last Township (T7 RIO N WP), Gull Hagas is 15 miles northwest of Brown ville |unction. One of fourteen National Nat ural Scenic Landmarks in Maine, it is owned by the National Park Service.

I here are campsites available near the Gulf. While you’re in the area, you might want to hike more of the hundred miles of trails through the Ki |o Mary Forest, a consortium of privately and publicly owned land managed for recreation by the North Maine Woods, Inc. company.


Check out the Katahdin Iron Works, a state park and historic site. Iran ore was once smelted there and the remains of a smeiter and a charcoal kiln can stiil be seen. In days of yore logs were driven through the gorge to provide wood for the smelter, sometimes getting stuck in the narrower portion of the gorge known as Hie Jaws. When the smelter dosed, drivers continued to float logs through on the way to paper mills*

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