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One man greeted some women by kissing their hands. It China holiday december all seemed very French to me. I asked about bride-price and was told that China holiday december a good local woman is worth ten sheep, a cow, and about one thousand yuan. I doubt many men can afford more than one wife. After I found Peter later that day we left Taxkorgan, and chanced to get a lift back north with the same obliging Han truck-driver who had brought us from Kashgar, making his return trip. At the base of Mustagh Ata we parted from the truck and walked to Subush, a hamlet of fortress-type buildings set on raised mounds in the flat basin.

Kat and I wondered if the energies from any of these powerful events in the lighthouse’s history had left an imprint. We hoped tonight’s hunt would give us answers.

Before night settled, Kat and I wanted to check the top of the lighthouse. Tim and Brad didn’t plan on investigating up there. They had never captured evidence in the tower, but really, how can you go to a lighthouse without climbing the tower. We ascended the narrow, winding, winding, winding, did we mention winding, stairway. Though not as tall as some of the lighthouses we have visited, the stairs seemed unusually steep and narrow. It was then we remembered our unused gym memberships and fear of heights.

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