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I’ll insert a fair number of images from the tour for several reasons, not the least of which was the infamous ranger line, If you feel the least bit weirded out or phobic, just because you’re way the heck underground in a dark cave, far from the world above, – with little hope of rescue if anything goes wrong – let us know and we’ll get you off the tour and back to the surface.

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Turns out they weren’t kidding like I thought they were. At least two people from our group didn’t make it all the way through and were escorted out early.

I was shocked – how could you think about anything except the cool and amazing formations just everywhere around you. (We came relatively prepared for a ‘roughing it’ type trip into the caves having done Ape Caves up here on the foothills of Mt St Helens in Washington near our home stomping grounds – so we were quite at home expecting cool, damp temperatures, and a new sense for what dark truly is – although we did see several people in shorts and not believing caves are the average annual temperature of the area – so while it’s in the 70°s up here, down there it’ll be in the low fifties. Please don’t be one of the unprepared: it’s cold down there.)

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