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New Orleans Cajun Swamp and Plantation Tour

This post we’re exploring Louisiana’s Cajun country. First stop, the tour of the swamp. We’re just cruising through the bayou, which is actually a river that snakes through a swap. I would swim in this water. The guide swims in this water. This is an alligator head. The largest I ever caught was 12 feet, 3 inches. This is the water lotus, but better known in this part of the country as Graine à Voler. Here we go. Now we’re going head off and see some plantations. Welcome to Oak Alley Plantation. That was actually a fan used to keep the guests cool. The most perfect part of the entire tour though, is actually when everybody gets to open those doors and see those beautiful 300-year-old live oaks. It’s just a breath taking moment.

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So all of these oak trees make up the Oak Alley. Mmm, I’m hungry, time for some Cajun style food. Chicken, smoked sausage and gumbo. The flavors are really rich. So it’s two parts Bourbon, one part homemade mint syrup. I feel like Blanche Devereaux. Last stop of the day, Laura, a criole plantation. This is actually one of the slave quarters. They used to go for miles and miles down through the sugar cane field. I had such a great day exploring Louisana’a Cajun country. I went to the swamp, ate some cajun food, and visited two plantations. I feel like I now have a good sense of this neck of the woods.

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New Orleans Cooking Class

This post, at the New Orleans school of Cooking you’re going to read Chef Ann prepare traditional Cajun Creole dishes. We’re making Gumbo, and Jambalaya and Pralines. I learned how to do this in Cajun French, because my paternal grandmother didn’t speak a lick of . Do you smell it, it smells like it’s burning right now? Yeah. Or it’s not? Right now we’re making a roux for some Gumbo. All right, now here’s where you separate the men from the boys, pour a couple of drinks first. Right now she’s adding the juices from the meats into the Jambalaya pot. This is really a good recipe, and that it’s very easy. This is five cups of rice, the chicken stock, and you just stir this in. This is my second time to come to this class because I thought it was so good the first time. Too bad they don’t have smell-o-vision on.

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Chicken, Andouille Sausage Gumbo, with a little bit of true New Orleans Abita Beer. Mmm, that is so good. Southern is for laid back, you know, we just kind of take it easy. The Yankees became what the Americans I’m talking about. Hustle and bustle, they came and always- Mmm, so this is the Jambalaya. Gosh, it smells so good. Mmm! Sugar cane is now the dominant crop in South Louisiana.

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That’s the pot talking to me. Why don’t you just pour them on a sheet pan? I said, “No! That’s not the New Orleans way!” She was a Yankee. Mmm, a homemade Praline. Oh my gosh, oh! So delicious. We say in Cajun French, “Laissez les bon temps roulez, which means let the good times roll.” Make the most of your time here. That was so much fun. Now I’ve got to go get some of those seasonings so I can make this at home.

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