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So next we’re going to then have all hope Paul’s lanch a local farmer, and look upon his family in older neighborhoods rural mud, and straw houses can still be seen but in most Chinese cities today modern apartment complexes of contemporary design, and amenities are the norm the structure, and reputation of family is still highly valued a hands-on cooking demonstration, and meal with the Chinese family quickly breaks down barriers, and creates an appreciation of cuisine, and ways to eat. I love the chopsticks. I’ve gotten very handy with them use the body fool you nurse just hold it.

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I’ve been given three different ways to do with it one is to keep bottom one to stay but would be the middle finger, and just have the time that you use somebody else said hold it very close to the end to that makes it easier, and then the third way is just to hold the bowl up, and go take a ride, and use it as a spear the food. I’m adjusting to a certainly different Chinese food than they make him Kansas City a local meal as typically found in a futon or ally neighbor is made with an emphasis on dark soy paste sesame paste sesame oil, and scalese she’s been good with chopsticks all along but it took me two days figure out how. I couldn’t start still managed to get my mouth is coming along.

I’m proud of my my learning curve with chopsticks yes I’ll funny that. I thought. I feel cooler what’s involved welcome to my family my name is the one. How do you like to mention in beantown when we make a dough flour, and water serving dumplings is believed to bring prosperity traditionally made by families during holidays, and celebrations dumplings are molded to look like the golden ingots used during the Ming Dynasty for money we board, and then we are either fight or the makeup right now you.

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