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This natural site provides a living for some clever boatman all over the world from Thailand to Corfu the Maltese blue cave is especially nice, and the small harbour from where the boats are departing is singularly pleasant besides the cave we can also admire two other formations similar to fiords these are the weird Babu, and the weirdies zoo react we add means the same in the Maltese language as Wadi in the Arabic language namely River Valley or channel the Blue Grotto was a metre long stalactite cave with some coral although these are not.

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So colorful as the tropical ones the most amazing spectacle is in the morning hours but each part of the day has its specialty the cliff dropping abruptly to the water is broken by countless caves, and hollows in the distance of six kilometers we can see the inhabited island of Phil flaw the island was used by NATO for a long time, and even nowadays cannot be visited you close to the blue cave.

There’s a temple group which consists of three individual Celtic places that later were surrounded by a common wall. This is an archaic world with a mysterious symbol it was built three to four thousand years before Christ, and the big question is the same here as with the Egyptian pyramids. How could people move those almost ton rocks according to the science findings those huge stone tables were altars, and served for presenting victims just like Stonehenge bigger quim also provides evidence that the beginning of human civilization is older than we imagined the nearby amun-ra is a similar megalithic church which has been closed to visitors owing to repeated vandalism.

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