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Kyo just thought first name thank you mostly you know there, I’m Michael next I referred anaconda analyzable they’re just a fantasy I don’t know if anybody knows what you’re saying right now konnichiwa greetings from Tokyo Japan, I’m here today with Utah from the popular blog that Japanese man yeah that Japanese man Utah, and today he wanted to shoot a post of his favorite places in Tokyo. So I asked if I could join along he said I could as long as I stayed quiet. So this is going to be a behind the scenes of a behind the scenes look at life from a local in Tokyo, and you want to add, I’m gay hungry opposed to go alright left Ukraine South Korea Tom Brent Tokyo with the Tokyo guy, and we’re in Koreatown. Because that’s just the life of a local here in Tokyo you got to mix things up when you live here for a long time right that’s why I definitely people this is work that’s where Japanese people go the curry is up Tokyo’s Koreatown is far from the Shinjuku neighborhood, and it’s a great place for Market Restaurants street food, and perhaps the most popular attraction of all the pretty faces of the Korean pop world look at these dreamboat I need that shirt wait guys are known to be handsome in Korea yeah Brandeis in my opinion Korean guys how the most popular agent life how about them yeah Korean guys why is that. Because of a drama Korean drama okay I don’t know, I’m table kpop, and Korean Jon okay.

Local Things To Do in Tokyo Koreatown Shinjuku Kagurazaka Photo Gallery

So they’re the most popular the most wanted died they tell me what it what’s the name of this. So it goes don’t come out there like you’re on campus okay yeah this is very popular in Japan. Because they have everything, and very cheap. So they’re famous for like the intentionally make me like they’ll take the scooter you get long yeah, and you buy stuff that you weren’t thinking applying smart we’re en do you leave us thankfully hey haha oh yeah he’s got happiest guy right we’re outside please dolphin chewy, and you’ve got some like a human teeth, and cheese I drink it to try for you Oh No it is it a little kick from the kimchi it’s just a cheesy pancake dough cheesy pancakes, and kpop no better way to start a date Oh deal why should we go back to Japan yeah let’s go nuts big time we’re going back to Japan good start here in Korea when yeah we are now in shinjuku blessing neglected I know this station very well I actually just shot a post the other day with you talked about finding my way out of the station that’s why I didn’t know it. So well I was lost in here for about two hours we got to go check out the post on his blog, I’ll leave a link in the description below was this this station is massive they didn’t the biggest fish in the world the busiest station teams, and business station in Japan. But as well hurry number Ronald in Watford which is one of the regions. But if it’s busy in Japan that mean it’s super chaotic, and I was lost in two hours.

So if you gotta tear out that post now where we offer when I used to come okay fine fine now right nice those are therapy dogs are you you pay a donation, and then sit there, and give the cuts of dogs a busy day the green little releasing stress beautiful dog one quick little sidebar just saw this if you’re wondering how safe Japan is check out their exchange place all the money is on display look at it let’s the exchange, and that’s the money that’s real money the west side of shinjuku is a music lovers paradise home to many recording studios, and record shops it’s a great place for local to discover new music, and enjoy some classic you yes great collection, I’m hungry let’s go read some watch nothing we don’t eat like Japanese hot please very cheap it’s okay. So if you’re hungry, and if you know about the money silly futons a big sexy wheat flour noodles served al dente, and a broth with soy sauce rice wine, and dashi or like a fish stock, and from there just add a couple of sidekicks, and join the other salarymen urban away right. So I got the food on with fermented soybeans, and a raw egg some green onions on top, and ginger fried squid legs, and eggplant first let’s try to boot out with down biggest fermented soy how’d you like it soybean devasting that day yeah fermented very interesting for the case of Russia Buddha with the rise in the green onions really probably the fermented soybean Java I ever write to the fermented soybeans out both natural, and it’s considered something very very Japanese. But. Because it. Because of its like a distinct smell yeah some people really like it. But some people don’t like it at all for example as I I can’t everyone I can’t eat natural 5000 pretty ticket I didn’t know that man you’re eating style so much better than mine all right looking delicious Iran where we are now we are Nagaraja to keep going with nutritional it again Algirdas icon Kagurazaka Kagurazaka yeah got it a Buddha Sokka if, I’m saying that right is a quiet traditional Japanese neighborhood usually left off most tourists met, and its home this beautiful maze like side streets, and it’s interesting French influence it’s one of you saw favorite areas in the city, and I can definitely see why the name of e I quote that accidental if that I should dango yeah like a sweet soy sauce on the outside almost looks about the consistency of molasses, and the balls themselves are the sticky rice cake very gently it tastes very Japanese if I you love that Oh she is steam coming up out of there it’s like a sausage meatball inside of this one sticky bun dough looks like some shallots, and cabbage inside of that that sausage just a delicious little pork snack oh that’s good ending off the day in the perfect fashion for the japanese-style milkshake oh yeah nice, and sweet vanilla milkshake, and quick there’s some ice on the bottom though vanilla ice cream on top perfect way to end the day alright then we had to finish with a milkshake that was a great day, I’m stuff we saw a lot of great things thanks for showing me around Colette them I appreciate it my pleasure a little taste of life here for a local in Tokyo make sure you guys check out his blog, and if you guys liked the post make sure you give it a thumbs up leave a comment below in English or in Japanese, and we’ll respond, and until next time Travel.

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