Live In Saudi Arabia

Many people in Saudi Arabia live in or near large cities. These cities are usually very crowded.

They have both old and new places to live, including very tall apartment buildings.

Some Saudi people live away from the city. Some live in the few areas of Saudi Arabia where crops and animals can survive.

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Other Saudis, called Bedouins, or “original people, ” are nomads. Bedouins move around, but they spend a lot of time living in the desert. They travel on camels and drink camel’s milk to survive while they cross the desert.

Schools and Language.

For a long time, girls in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to attend school. That has changed. Now, all children have a chance to go to school but many do not. More than one-fifth of Saudi Arabia’s people cannot read or write.

All Saudis speak Arabic, but they speak different forms or dialects of the language. That means that Arabic in one area of the country might sound different from Arabic in other areas. Many Saudis also speak English for business reasons.

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