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It coursed along a grassy valley and was split into several Places to see in China channels. My paddle hit the gravel bed sometimes and on turning shallow comers we bounced over Places to see in China pebbles. When I lifted my head I saw that all around were minor snowy peaks sloping down through barren sweeps into grassy valleys. Two tributaries swelled my stream, one from little Lake Karakol, and the larger from the glacier fields of Mustagh Ata and Kongur. Mount Kongur didn’t seem to have any obvious peak; it is a hulking lumpy plateau with several summits jutting above its dark shield of ice-veined rock. In 1980 the renowned climber Chris Bonington got permission to climb Mount Kongur, at the time the highest unclimbed peak in China.

Amanda Blanchard was a loving, nurturing woman who cared for her family. She also served as midwife for many of the women in the community. In 1912, William and Amanda began their own family and, by 1917, had two little boys, five and three years old. Things were going pretty well for the Blanchards until Amanda received word that her mother, Mary Pemble, had taken ill.

Mary, living a few miles away in Mackinac County, was very close to Amanda, William and the boys. She was known by most simply as Grandma Pemble. In 1917 at the age of 57 Mary Pemble became ill. The family was especially shaken when they learned Grandma Pemble’s illness was the worst of all possible conditions, cancer.

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