Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome Italy

Stadiums all around the world are designed after this building, the Colosseum. Let’s go check it out.
This place is even more massive than I ever could have dreamed. I’m told that about fifty to eighty thousand people were in this stadium all cheering on their favorite gladiator. And the floor was made out of sand. And the sand was used to absorb the blood.

Colosseum And Roman Forum Tour

So not only did the gladiators fight themselves to the death, there were animals involved and they were all held down here under the arena and they had trap doors that would shoot them up onto the arena floor and they would battle to the death. So I just got my cheap seats. I’m way up here, fourth level with all the women. That’s where all the women sat.

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It’s crazy to think that this place has been around for 2,000 years and it still stands today right in the heart of Rome. Not only does this tour include the Colosseum, it also includes the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Colosseum And Roman Forum Map

Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome Italy Photo Gallery

This place is incredible. It’s absolutely stunning. And as you can see around me, there’s a lot of great history here as well. I am now leaving the Roman Forum, heading up to Palatine Hill.

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And Palatine, the root is palace, and that is where the emperors lived and there’s beautiful gardens and all sorts of beautiful stuff. Let’s go check it out. And right now I’m standing right in front of an old stadium where they used to race chariots. I’m so glad I made the trip out here today. This is definitely a must-see here.

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