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India is full of beautiful places, and natural attractions giving you more reasons to fall in love with this country one such attraction is the bangaram island in the union territory of luxury ranked among the best getaways of the world this incredibly beautiful, and breathtaking island is uninhabited, and is surrounded by a shallow blue lagoon, and closed by coral reefs during our four days trip to luxury in January 2018 we spent three days at sinakara island, and one day, and bangaram in this post we will give you an overview of bangaram island, and our experience there we will make separate post on how to book holiday at luxury, and a separate can acara island review post make sure to comment our blog india Gumo to get notified of a future post uploads now let’s begin hey guys, and bangerang from tina Cara is a 15 minute boat ride the ride itself is joyous, and scenic, and you can feel the cool breeze, and watch the sparkling coral reefs through the crystal clear turquoise blue water as you reach close to the island the site of the Silver Sands with rustic cottages, and stretching canopy of lush green palms in the backdrop will leave you awestruck mm-hm on our arrival people welcomed with the glass of rescues, and the staff briefed us about the eyelids, and activities valera.

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Okay I get mark in the disabled Island Island you can go anywhere higher than usual gotta be no problem opening bangaram Island is run by government, and maintained by the Sports Authority, and it has just restarted after a gap of around six years when it was shut down bangaram is an atoll in the union territory of Luxur deep india the atoll has a roughly rectangular shape, and is eight point one kilometer in length with a maximum beta 4.2 kilometer, and with a lagoon area of 36 kilometers square bangaram island is uninhabited, and is clean, and beautiful the island has total 30 cottages it has a reception area Untied center a dining hall a health center a helipad for chopper services, and a beach volleyball court , and after the introductory session we were escorted to a cottage which was not very far from the shoal divide sandy path leading us to a cottage was lined with huge palm trees on both sides Dero cottages have a small porch in the front with chairs tables, and hammock strung outside every cottage all the cottage are sea-facing offering stunning view to the sea with the huge palm, and coconut tree spread all around , and the room was spacious rustic clean, and simple just like how a beach cottage should be equipped with a bed a small refrigerator a small cooler a dresser, and El Mira, and other basic essentials no luxury.

But comfortable for sure which we liked after unpacking, and unwinding we decided to explore the island her final bangaram took us around the island, and gave us some valuable, and interesting information at bangaram one can watch the Sun rising right in front of the cottages he showed us Hallie pad area, and just behind the helipad the view of the beautiful natural lagoons is diverging late beautiful, and breathtaking how do you think of what everything the second bedroom is beautiful teal color teal, and for boys it’s all makers which is absolutely sitting amazing just look at the view like in front of me you for watersports adventurers bangaram is a paradise from cutting windsurf check ski to snorkeling scuba diving, and turtle reading you name it, and it’s fear please note the water sports are not included in the package, and are available on extra payment, and it’s not expensive at all, and if this isn’t enough here is the good news for those seeking for a scuba diving certification you have come to the right place at bangaram you can learn scuba diving in just five days as best drives hi he is a fun he’s a diving mysterious I will tell you about the diving, and the specification provided by these guys here yes this is not the best place to do scuba diving courses in India. So water is free, and our charges are not that much okay for open water you will have to be 20,000 with a course fee okay, and maximum of five days is required for you to do complete the course in the course you will have a post reading section theory then practical, and at the end you will have an examples okay, and the course is 20,000 yen for open water, and after that you can do advanced up on water ok, and you get done here it was all till master level it’s done on air.

So instructor level also we do we bring, and instructors from outside, and do in our cover of tea Desmond okay okay nice ok ok thank you for more information on scuba diving at bangaram please click the link in the description box below , and at 1:00 p.m. it was time for lunch, and we headed straight to the dining area it was spacious clean beautiful, and well maintained foods thought was a booking spread with a number of dishes to choose from food was fresh simple, and tasty , and after lunch we sit in a cup of warm tea, and took a shot beach side strobe followed by spending some relaxed moments by the sea soaking in the beauty of the pristine island, and the Blue Lagoon at 3:00 p.m. it was time for some adventure there is a sand Bank on the back side behind the helipad where one can walk to during low tides, and since 3:30 to 4:30 was low tide climbing we had to be there I thought you don’t sighs no wonder – ominous. So what we’re going to insult is so that is one of mine there’s not a man except you crossing the lagoon was thrilling fun, and adventurous the view on the other side was no less than a fairyland sandy stretch of white land with Sun gleaming on the blue water with no Souls around it was surreal you, and Oh , and , and ah I returned back a magical evening away to does a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach with locative C in the bathtub could it get any better than this you Oh the place the ambience the food everything called for something celebratory, and intimate after enjoying a sumptuous dinner we took a short beachside stroll followed by retiring for the night they got up early the next morning to enjoy the sunrise, and cool breeze after breakfast it was time for checkout hey guys.

So it’s a last day, and I check out day from laxative, and now we are going back to Bangalore we actually wanna miss this place both the islands are really amazing one tournament in acara, and you have if you have never been to luxury you are missing out of great things you have to come here trust me guys the experience these people give you the stuff is amazing they are going to give you an you know a memorable experience that you will cherish you know for your lifetime it’s really beautiful, and I mean I don’t know if there is anything else that I need to add to this, I’ll be are totally happy, and satisfied it’s a really fulfilling holiday, and we are definitely going to come back soon very soon hey guys lovely team at one dirham, and actually amazing peaceful is great hospitality assassins please guys if you really want to experience the beautiful is people is a necessity. So cheers within one kilometer be the guests were taken into a boat, and transfer to Agra the airport from there Air India flight took us back to Bangalore , and at bangaram in berkshire deep get prepared to be transported into a fairytale world the crystal clear turquoise huge water offering unrestricted news of the sparkling coral reefs soft white silvery sand, and tall lush green coconut trees is mesmerizing beautiful lagoon large number of watersports delicious food decent rooms, and an amazing hospitality offered by the humble courteous, and friendly staff make bangaram in luxury one of the most beautiful, and fulfilling Holi destinations in the world Oh I hope you enjoy reading this post, and found the review useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and do comment our blog India groomer to get notified of a future post uploads thanks for reading you.

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