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An hour of winding road brings us to our final South Dakota destination before starting our trip back in the direction of home – a choice of which cave to stop, as there are several.

As usual with our decisions and choices, logic would have dictated a well-rounded research of available information -then again, logic would also have suggested after getting burned a couple nights in a row on motels, we’d plan ahead.

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Take that Mr. Spock. We just chose the one that felt lucky – Jewel Cave. (Calcite crystals – the namesake for Jewel Cave)

The guided tour is well worth the wait if you show up early (like we did) and worth fighting all the road construction to get into the place (like we did) and finally finding the entrance to the building amidst the construction (which by the time you read this would hopefully have been completed).

Just be sure not to get caught up in all the faraway cool things during the cave tour, because often times, right at your feet you’ll have amazing mineral samples and formations.

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