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Lancaster reading in the Citadel of chocolate production Hershey are worth mentioning, as well as your Where Harley Davidson Motors are pretty Gettysburg is famous for the crucial battle of the Civil War. The most populous city of the state is Philadelphia. The Declaration of Independence was signed here on July 4th 1776 and for a long time. It was the capital of the USA. It’s population exceeds 7 million it has a busy Harbor Which received thousands of immigrants during the past centuries.

Giving it It’s Multicultural flayer is perhaps all of the world’s nations are represented in this city. It’s full of superlative museums hotels restaurants and other attractions. It’s most famous building is Independence Hall built in 1748, Among it’s walls the Declaration of Independence was signed. The building is located in the independence National Historical Park, that is also the location of protected buildings Originating from the 17th century Among others to be found here is the u.s. mint.

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The oldest man of the USA that is still in operation, the Liberty Bell was placed in a separate building at the park on the 200th anniversary of American independence behind it are the Congress Hall and The Old City Hall. Two beautiful buildings The famous Masonic temple is the Tabernacle of the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge, also worth visiting other famous museums to the city. The independence Seaport Museum which shows American Naval traditions The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts picture gallery.

The Barnes Foundation exhibition Hall with Van Gogh Renoir and Rousseau paintings and the Rodin Museum. The Edgar Allan Poe house and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. The United States is the original home of shopping I’m doing something for pleasure the favorable places. Who’s the wide selection the regular discounts make American big cities. Shopper’s Paradise The cheap Woolworths Cut Above Bloomingdale in the Macy’s of higher standards are waiting for customers in larger cities, Is probably no clothing or shoe producer. Who doesn’t have a chain store or outfit in the United States. Washington was built in the northeastern coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean.

After getting the motor repaired by our old friends at Minneford’s Boatyard, City Island, Sheila and I had a happy cruise down Long Island Sound to Cape Cod. Abreast of Fishers Island a small yacht came near as we were sailing, and the man at the helm said, ‘Welcome. I am the temporary pastor at Fishers Island, and I am delighted to meet Gipsy Moth, because I used Miranda and her guidance as the text for my sermon last Sunday.’

Early one morning we left Stonington in a fresh breeze which steadily increased. There was a yacht on our starboard bow, and we kept together for hour after hour. As we approached Point Judith, and the area where the 12-metre races for the America’s Cup are held, Sheila said, ‘Do shorten sail. We are not racing, and it’s getting much too bumpy. I went on deck and reefed the mainsail. The yacht ahead reefed at the same time and, as we overtook her, I was surprised to see her name, Carina. Dick Nye’s Carina had won two Fastnet Races, in which I had been taking part. When we reached Indian Point we tied up to the dock at the end of Cousin Dick’s garden, and next morning she said, ‘Come for a ride in the automobile; I want to visit a very old friend of mine at Wood’s Hole. His name was Alan Clark, and when Cousin Dick introduced me he said, ‘Gipsy Moth! Why, I was coming down from Long Island Sound on Saturday in my son’s yacht Carina and had just said to him I must have someone relieve me at the helm, I can’t take it any longer, when I’m damned if your Gipsy Moth didn’t sail by with no one at the helm at all! This had been Dick Nye’s previous yacht.

We had a great welcome from Cousin Dick and her family, and stayed with them for three weeks. Giles flew out to join us as soon as his term ended at Westminster School. He arrived a few days after his sixteenth birthday, and we waited to let him have a week at Indian Point. My impression was that he filled every available minute of it. At one dance he was putting everything he knew into the twist. Cousin Dick was, or pretended to be, shocked. ‘Well, to think that I should live to see that, she said, ‘and from an Englishman too. I think Giles was laying it on. Afterwards I noticed Cousin Dick dancing with him, though not the twist.

What wonderful sailing water the Americans have! From our bedroom, where I could hear Gipsy Moth’s halyards rapping the metal mast where she lay at the end of Cousin Dick’s jetty, I could also hear the sailing instructor coaching the boys and girls of the Wiano Yacht Club as they tacked and manoeuvred near the house.

Our American friends wanted us to leave from Plymouth, Massachusetts, for Plymouth, England, but we wriggled out of it, wishing for a quiet start from Indian Point. We left on 13 August.

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