Mont Des Arts Of Brussel


The ISMusees Royaux des Beaux-Arts houses the Musee d'Art Ancien, the Musee d'Art Moderne, a sculpture gallery, and temporary exhibitions.

The museum library, in a renovated Art Nouveau warehouse, features a reproduction of Tintin's rocket ship and works by over 700 artists. For Tintin souvenirs, check out the museum store or the Tintin Boutique near Grand Place. (20 r. des Sables.

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Rogier. From Gare Centrale, take bd. De Tlmperathce until it becomes bd. De Berlaimont, and turn left onto r. des Sables. 219 19 80. Open Su and Tu-Sa 10am-6pm. ?6. 20, students ‚5. )

The first torpedo detonated on the port side of the cross bunker tank and the second one on the port side of no. 10 cargo tank. The bunkers took fire and clouds of smoke rose in the air. The vessel immediately began to settle at a very fast rate by the stern and by the time the members of the crew were making their way amidships, the poop was awash, the water extinguishing the bunker fire. The master, Captain Joseph Errett, realising the immediate danger, gave the order to abandon ship in the two midship boats. The ship’s complement embarked in the two boats, with the exception of William Alexander McKenzie, the senior fourth engineer, who was on watch at the time and had presumably been killed. No one had seen anything of Mr McKenzie, not even the senior second engineer, who had been in the engine room at the time, although he was on the middle platform and had managed to escape with scalds and burns. There was no panic amongst the crew and everybody abandoned ship in an orderly manner, although the chief officer, Mr G. W. Williams was left on board, floating off on a raft and picked up by one of the boats.

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