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This post, I’m going to spend the day relaxing in the waters of the blue lagoon, and then I’m going to check out some of Iceland’s most famous natural wonders, the Geysir Geyser, and the Gulfoss waterfall.

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Not only is the color of the waters beautiful, you’re surrounded by these lava rocks, and the steam in the distance, it’s like you’re on another planet. There’s so many different parts of the blue lagoon. There’s waterfalls, bridges, and there’s even a bar area. So refreshing! You can soak, you can swim, you can get in water massage treatments, and included with your admission is the silica mud mask.

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What an incredible experience. I feel like a brand new person, new skin. Now we’re off to see some of Iceland’s famous waterfalls and geysers. We’ve just arrived at the geyser. We’re waiting for the next eruption. It could happen at any second. We’re all very excited, waiting very patiently.

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This is an incredibly active geothermal area. It’s full of all these geysers, big and small. Whoa! I’ve just arrived at Gulfoss waterfall. This place is insane, as you can tell. I’m actually going to go down closer to check it out. You’re walking along and all of a sudden it’s like the earth just opened up and there’s this massive hole with this waterfall gushing through it in all different directions. Then you see the mist rising above, you just sense the power of it. From relaxing in the blue lagoon, to exploring some of Iceland’s most beautiful geography, today has been unforgettable.

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