Best Travel Destinations In January

Best Travel Destinations In January

You can Google “travel for free”; and, you will learn about these and other ways by which some brave and courageous people get to see the world.

Are you scared? For the hamster, it’s scary to leave its treadmill; and, venture into the virtual unknown. Once free, it’s actually lost in the wider space that’s envelopes its wheel habitat. This aptly describes millions of us across the globe. We are, in truth, lost in the very community in which we live.

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So, we must truly be scared to travel beyond our villages and towns; and, even more so, to travel to other countries. But, travelling is the ideal way to get to know our true self; and, this in turn, is or should be our biggest desire.

Nothing whatsoever – only your own death or some near death incapacity – must ever hold you back from actually beginning to travel; or, from having your regular tune-ups close to home; or, from taking at least one yearly vacation either to a distant attraction within your homeland or abroad.

Proverb: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

All I am asking you here and now is to evaluate your life; and, come to the conclusion that I want you to also reach; and, that is, that you need to make travel a definite “must do” in your life!

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