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So well last night this morning the plan was to leave at 7:00 a.m. it is now 753, I’m going to stay an extra day why not I feel like one day here is not enough to work fully the island. So today, I’m going to stay one more day explore the whole island just gassed up my moped oh yeah, I’m gonna go grab some breakfast, and head back to the villa it is just a fantastically beautiful day here let’s get going that is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen there is a mother chicken with maybe six babies oh look at them go delicious breakfast acai coffee that’s the routine here in Bali you know last night I slept on the front porch. So these villas have hammocks, and you can lay your hammock on the front porch, and if you wanted to sleep on the front porch. Because I was in the bed, and I was going to sleep, and I had the windows open, and the breeze just felt.

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So nice, I’m like why am i sleeping inside when, I’m in Bali you got here yesterday, and I didn’t really show much of this place, I’m staying I’ve been to a fair amount of places, and tropical destinations, and this place here I had never seen a place like this just the whole the little bungalow idea to have a one room bedroom on the beach just a little tour of this place stairs would go right down to the water you climb up, and I believe there’s ten of these little bungalows it’s kind of lining this place you come over this way you have all the chairs to lay out you have this infinity pool, and this looks. So epic when the tide is high. Because it blends in with that balloon we walk over this way we have the bar that’s always open, and up here is the kind of main area with the check-in/check-out in the breakfast spot more villas over here, and that is pretty much it this spots pretty cool this is straight up like a honeymoon bank we you know what I mean like you get a little house on the beach my Pamuk it’s kind of like a sex den, and then here’s a boy here single, and solo which is good though I like this I was about to head out the door then I have nowhere huge huge thunderstorm came down, and it was raining for the past hour or.

So, and it’s the thing like when you’re in Bali or a tropical place you know the rain just comes like that. But then right after it critters awesome is packed today, I’m just going to go explore again I have a full tank of gas there’s a few spots that the local said are just super super cinematic, I’m going to be put some backpackers hopefully just. Because like last night was my night of total isolation I was just in this cabin editing photos, and posts, and it was nice hey, I’m not gonna lie it was nice to just get away from people. But today I want to just make some friends, and meet people from different parts of the world, I’m legit backpacking right now I’ve never gone backpacking this is everything I own right here, and then I have my clothes back in Changu. But there’s this clothes you get new clothes I cannot say this enough this backpack is the best thing I’ve ever purchased its all-purpose, and it even comes with this little rain detector everything that I use to make these posts is always linked down below in the description if I ever endorse something it’s. Because I actually really really love it using it like this backpack this is this also I said that at the start of the post. But this in deliberate is hands-down just it’s so unique definitely I’d say at least top three number one of them all these living on boat hands down.

But this is definitely I’d say this is probably third behind the Japanese in if you haven’t seen that go watch all the travel from last year. But let’s do this let’s head out on the bike, and just explore just like that the Sun is out let’s go hit it that looks like the spot we’re looking for today’s agenda is searching for cliffs to jump off of, and beaches I think we found one of those some prospects you could maybe jump there, and then maybe on the far side. But it’s definitely too shallow right here here, I’m going to get off my bike, I’ll show you you can’t jump here for sure. So many rocks there’s only been a few places in the world where I’ve seen water at that freakin blue with that is the bluest of the blue water that you’ll find on planet earth oh wow Norrell Easter look at that you the mission is we have to figure out how to get this around here to that point over there let’s do it yeah no thank you not going to jump here I mean you could jump here if you really wanted to do that. So gnarly that’s all volcanic rockets, and ripped up, and it’s jagged it’s going to cut you up the search continues right or left left we have a road right there’s no road. So this works in some cases not all cases most likely take the road less traveled look where we are I was thinking about this what is any good travel post without Manimal hello bye-bye you notice insane there are so many villas up here that are half done or nearly finished. But I feel like most of them are just abandoned like there’s just this huge villa up here that’s half done there’s a scooter in there.

So, I’m guessing someone might be home we are at the very very top of the island overlooking the bay you can actually see my in way way down there with science lying inside it with size inside it screws with side inside that just happened I just saw it on the hammock no one saw that no. But I saw that the whole cliff jumping mission that was kind of a fail I wrote around the island for proudly assault our didn’t find one cliff for this island is a lot bigger than I thought it was first off second off it was low tide. So all the cliffs posting spots were too it was too shallow. But when hit it again I think for sunset when I go back out there, and find a spot I met up with a guy who’s actually staying here, and he said he found a spot right where the big blue goon was that place was that last night taking the time to just relax here is very nice. Because I feel like this whole trip it’s kind of an go go go and, I’m the kind of guy worried I mean you probably get this from the posts I cannot stand still like I cannot for the life of me stand say let some real tired or jet lag I just have to keep going I have to keep moving I still can’t get over this setup imagine living here imagine if this was your house on the beach you look over this way, and your front yard was this little Inlet yesterday when I got here this resort with hack there were maybe 30 people here everyone checked out. So now I was just myself there’s another couple here from the Netherlands, and then there’s a guy from Australia who I met earlier out of all the cliffs I’ve looked at this island we come here to Muhammad point apparently this is the spot. But you have to pay to jump imagine that you can also let’s see your rent a surfboard for eighty thousand rupiah for one hour it’s not too bad that’s like eight dollars an hour’s a nice setup though look at this nice dog hanging out alright he’s dead you say too much the drinkers go to mode off my feet that’s nice oh he party less laughs I suck we’re here five robust Oh Diana live hahahaha pretty to receive was very very cool you go over this way this is the baby jump kind of low maybe I’d say fifteen feet then you look over actually there’s a pretty sick surf break right here, I’m you can’t really tell from this.

But it’s kind of small. But earlier today apparently was firing right here that is the big boy jump I said it’s maybe three meters which is I mean it’s not huge the dogs about to jump always going to go for it oh no he’s not gonna go he wants to I wonder if he’s ever jumped over there. So that’s a no-go with the jump apparently the tide is too low, and I’ve been trying to convince the guy let me go. But I say it’s probably four to three, and a half feet down there which is pretty shallow, and I don’t want to break my legs or my back. So especially my mom mom if you’re reading this my mom’s a physical therapist she’s always saying you know don’t go do something crazy, and break your back she’s lost the patient to her quads. So mom gonna be safe not going to jump right now instead, I’m gonna opt for an ice-cold I love Bali beer Cheers, and the other pop you think it’s a road less traveled yeah. So, and that’s or that sense you’re just that is the destiny you make for yourself how do you go from the time you’re gone time you said you found questions I’ve answers, and you went there.

So you have the right question how do you how do you find that specific question, and put it out to the network the answers the land the air with energy is in I feel like sometimes I can’t put my real false into these posts. Because they are too deep and, I’ll leave this in the cut right now, and even there’s someone reading me. But uh I have to say if you’re if you’re an American come to Bali come out to Asia just. Because that it’s a place that the people you meet here are some of the most enlightened people on earth that’s all leave it at great conversations and, I’m going to go to sleep right here on my front porch in my hammock first one gets more Sun. But bed tonight on the hammock tomorrow, I’m going back to Bali Mon Tue seminyak, and then from there, I’m going to bed which is like the Monkey Forest. So yeah that is it from this island this little piece of paradise, I’m very very glad I came out here. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion yeah.


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