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If canals themselves present a huge variety of settings and species, the same is true of the equipment found on towpaths nationwide. You could spend a small fortune and still not cover every base. That said, it is also possible to target a range of canal fish at a very modest cost.

My own exploits on the local Cut began with a four-metre fibreglass whip. It was hardly state-of-the-art, even in the Eighties.

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It featured pointless yellow markings on the handle, and a decent perch or surprise eel would cause the whole thing to plunge over, to my great excitement. I was immensely proud of this telescopic weapon, which in terms of sheer numbers of fish caught would probably be the best value item of tackle I have ever owned.

These days the boot of my car might contain anything from overnight carping supplies to a fly rod. These are at the far ends of the spectrum however and for much of the time, a canal angler’s staple would be a pole or light match rod.

Other sundries and items for the canal angler are many – and we’ll dip into a few of these shortly. Beyond a rod, something to sit on and a landing net, the rest can be accumulated at your leisure.

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