Golden Circle and Snorkeling Experience from Reykjavik Iceland

Iceland boasts some of the world’s most majestic landscapes, but it’s also a favorite among adventure seekers! Today we are mashin’ those two together! We’re gonna visit national parks, see a waterfall, visit a geyser, and we’re gonna top it all off with snorkeling in a fissure. Let’s go!

Golden Circle Tour

Golden Circle and Snorkeling Experience from Reykjavik Iceland Photo Gallery

I’m at Thingvellir National Park, and the sun’s just coming up, and it’s evaporating the mist, and it’s revealing this gorgeous, vast landscape. Alright, so I am now in the geyser area! This is where you can find a combination of geysers! You can walk around, explore! You can even see one go off with your own eyes.

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We are here at our next stop, which happens to be Gulfoss, a gorgeous waterfall. And that translates to Golden Waterfall. On our next stop, we’re going snorkeling in the Silfra Fissure, glacial waters, and the clearest waters in the world.

Golden Circle Iceland Map

Let’s do it! Alright, I got my fins, I got my snorkel gear; time to get in the water! Ooh, oh that’s bloatin’! Whoa! We’re snorkeling right between the North American and European continents. The ravine stretches 25 meters below the surface and the water is crystal blue.

Golden Circle Tour Iceland

It’s so crystal clear. Not nearly as cold as I was anticipating and worried about. It’s just peaceful! Unreal! This is the cherry on top of a perfect day. I had a little hot chocolate, a couple cookies, and I’m reminiscing about this incredible day! To start at Thingvellir Park, the waterfall, the geyser, and then finish it all off here snorkeling in a fissure! This is a day you will remember..

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