Hey guys how one minute you look very high up there let me see if I can go down what are you doing up there Jess you need some help I’ve left her alone, and she’s trying to get down I think she’s in struggle town this is like the funnest park ever the slides are so high, and long. So if you’ll high up it looks really like a tight fit you do it you climb back up I want to try the bumps I mean come on way Melanie gonna try work it out hello, I’m not very good at this stuff alright guys we’re having a race. So, I’m on one slippery dip, and you’re on the other Ready Set good I think you won. So we there’s like no ladders this is the only way you can get up is like freaking via spider-man go do it do it halfway up spider-man Hey guys we feel oh we’ve been working all morning well like let’s go for a walk a little stroll we found this amazing park with really really cool play equipment I think not we’re trying it out loving care kids haven’t broken out of school yet. So we got it oh my always we can grow old. But we’ll never grow never never alrighty guys afternoon stroll has recommenced, and it is Wednesday which means two, and a day, and the first question is how long does it take to edit these posts now, I’ll put this on to Steven. Because I don’t edit there you go.


So like a normal day like a daily post day not a travel post day will probably take me between hour to two hours to do editing, and music. But just say we were in Alaska or in Europe I would probably spend between four to five hours. Because there usually a lot more complex those days, I’m not gonna lie this is pretty much where Steven spent his holiday let’s go a little chill. So it’s like perfect to work out here on the hammock or we call this morning by the way it was so chilly oh my gosh we’re both like, I’m on here as well, and we’re trying to balance on here I did not think this was made for two people that like this like, I’m literally cross-legged on a hummock do you get fired on you yeah snapchat question snapchat snapchat question snapchat oh my gosh oh my goodness to not make any crazy moves I would love to see you guys doing more challenges please love from Wednesday’s, and Sam what challenges do you want to see us do Sam Sam is a girl that we went to high school with, and she was one actually we ran into in Dubai, and she was telling us she loves our challenge posts actually maybe feels like a day we’ll really to know we could do a challenge post Sam if you’re reading this you have Pie Face, and we talked about by Linda spy face oh my gosh yes let’s do Pie Face if you guys are all pie faces doodle it on , and you’ll see posts it is really really funny another person wanting to do a challenge boyfriend/girlfriend gif challenge tag it says do you guys have a al song that you have a song that’s ours um yes one thank you feeling music I do like thank you for the music growing an abyssal have a song for them. But it’s the Mamma Mia version that what’s her name um Amanda spike I learn to Seyfried song, and I always put it on its own that’s a song oh say that’s awesome, and I say thank you for the music the songs were singing I feel like it’s like that book you know, and there’s too many in the boat there’s the cow in the Sheep, and they’re all too many win the boat, and it feels my all was their role okay mana havoc maybe too many, and how Michael would sink. So we could just roll you off that thank you this is no I can guys alright just finished up some editing where we going to Hillary’s Boat Father what are you doing in here you guys excited food no no no in Hillary’s let the jumpers on.

But chilly it’s getting cold we’re gonna go of course for a beach shack hopefully it’s open ah almost 5:30 they could be closed fingers crossed it’s open no no pizza you know your pizza a lot Oh chocolate this is best place to be right no no her beach shack what are you doing to us why I strongly be. So far away I want to go to all of the places Jessica actually we’ve been to a lot of these places let’s go to China just got some cheeky coffees from centuries instead, and we found a nice little spot to chew announcer some more questions hey guys are you planning to come to the Caribbean anytime soon. So one of our very first biggest trips we ever did was a trip to the US, and we went to the Caribbean oh my gosh insert do we have any footage remotes oh, I’ll see if I can find some no promises though Oh photos okay you can see what we got up to in the Caribbean Oh we’d love to go back to the Caribbean yes we need to organize that it is a Caribbean or Caribbean I say Caribbean what do you say I say Caribbean beer sometimes I say Caribbean, and here’s an interesting name choice here thank you what other major would you want to take at uni I don’t know what I thought study, I’m done with uni I couldn’t go back I wouldn’t mind like this isn’t uni. But it’ll be nice to go, and study like a photography course. Because I feel like I kind of are getting the hang of like editing photos. But, I’m still not very good at taking them alrighty guys, and one more cheeky question take a sip take a sip I don’t want to take a coal you ready Oh dougie he’s calling a warthog – that’s sick that’s so cool this makes me want to fly our drawing story bad it’s been. So long uh-huh then one more oh we have to take the toy your friend didn’t seem too impressed with your snapchat okay if you want to know how we afford a life of travel we did do a post back in Cape Town explaining this, I’ll put a link in the description, and why is this trailer.

So great it is like. So good look where we are right now having our coffee by the water chilling by the beach beautiful sunset what is it not too long plus the people here pretty cool they’re pretty laid-back especially the ones like coach s they’re pretty cool bye bye incredible sunset Oh me alright guys I just popped in that one, and we are having a little cheeky writing, and editing sash popping on some blog posts on the blog, and then Steven is busy editing away as always oh wait I have a question for you for the Q&A what do you ever get sick of editing never make your safe thing is yeah I was like if anything yeah I was thinking if we are defined by what we do we’re not daily postgers we’re editors. Because well, I’m an avatar. Because the amount of we post for 30 seconds you added that for like 30 minutes like tree you love your editing another thing can imagine how much would take to edit a movie what are we gonna have finally miss feature post I know you passed me to ask me to write out the million all right you guys thanks so much for reading today, I’m just gonna go to bed, and I think we’re gonna watch some more of the Middle where you’ve got the rest of season to go which is awesome. But um. But yeah leave a question below for next week’s Q&A, and we’ll answer it. But thanks so much for reading guys we will see you next time bye.

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