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Spain filled with surprise, and a rhythm all its own the cosmopolitan pulse of Madrid the rich history of Valencia, and Barcelona where medieval charm meets modernist innovation what might you see one of the things we’d like to do is go, and visit the Magic Fountain which details of design but soon live within your memory. I talked to my brother last night and I said Charlie you’re going to go anywhere in the world go to Spain go to Barcelona go to Valencia read just beautiful Barcelona the capital of Catalonia, and the second largest city in Spain hosts some of the most important architectural achievements in the world in barcelona won the RIBA royal gold medal for its architecture the first, and only time the winner has been a city, and not a person on Barcelona very very important City as important.

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I can be as Madrid where you can find. I mean between the Ramblers the market of La Boqueria Christopher Columbus the Barceloneta from that, it’s nice to get lost in between the little roads of the Gothic area the Gothic quarter is the center of old Barcelona many of the buildings date from medieval times some from the much earlier days of Roman settlement the Barcelona Cathedral was constructed throughout the th to th centuries, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona looking up visitors will see that its spires pinnacles, and arches are all reaching to the heavens to connect the cathedral with God we could leave you all, it’s magnificent just just a dream, it’s magnificent, and the square is just. So fun to watch the people go by to see.

So much as well lovely strolling the streets of Barcelona can feel like the height of your exploration but in Spain lunch can be an adventure in itself when tapas are involved some say that the original tapas were slices of bread or meat used by sherry drinkers, and taverns to cover their glasses between sips preventing fruit flies tapas have since evolved to blend ingredients, and influences the invasion of Romans introduced the olive the discovery of the new world tomatoes chili peppers maize, and potatoes the serving of tapas is designed to encourage leisurely conversation allowing time to discuss the variety of ingredients in each bite the Ania Olimpica or Olympic ring is located in the hills of Barcelona, and was the main site for the Summer Olympics part same like this years ago. I remember the games but it. I’m saying like, it’s years the facilities consist of the Olympic Stadium the st.

George’s Palace Sports Hall the telecommunications tower, and the PI Cornell swimming pools International crowds surged the stairs, and halls cheering over, athletes from countries it is a fabulous fabulous place enjoyed every minute of it the Ania Olimpica was designed around the main square now the complex hosts a variety of sports, and music events between the Guadalquivir, and the Guadalajara rivers whoo beta is bordered on all sides by numerous olive groves that produce some of the world’s best olive oil you imagine an umbrella mm-hmm but reverse upside down, and it goes around the tree, and then you just have to shake it in order to close the olives well the olive tree was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenicians, and the Greeks we got it. Because we have all these new branches, and go to go up from here. How do your work get is the net their job the olive is a symbol of peace, and the tree that produces it is known to have been cultivated around the Mediterranean for, years stick yes please but don’t hurt anybody Regina not even a melon see let me recognize the wonderful people spit of all made us feel very comfortable cookies a delicious meal, and the kind nice move wait now. I know.

I’m finding my body this mission has that girls are going yep yep she knows new girls even though we knew very little Spanish, and they knew very little English beers to learn a lot about each other oh you look like you look like Catherine Catherine Deneuve everything today has been wonderful they’re just fabulous hosts, and we’re. So happy to hear. I feel Africa bassam only menos una planta familia que teníamos convict ambassador pin working Guinea for the whole week for you to have one little present yeah Prieto illusion is an association for the physically mentally, and centrally disabled convened by a group of families with shared needs Gloria Gloria burrito illusion provides spaces for physical, and psychological rehabilitation, and for creative workshops they provide technical aid, and information for families today they’ve outgrown the available space but with help from the Grand Circle Foundation they plan to move into a bigger facility with room to expand their services from the region’s oldest heritage, BC to the th century gothic influences to the moderns, and now with gestures towards the future Spain’s living diversity of culture intrigues, and inspires, it’s great to be able to see past history.

This is a home of my ancestors my Spanish ancestors, and it’s a joy to walk the streets although. I tend to get lost a little bit now, and then but the people are always friendly what more can. I say, it’s a fabulous fabulous place to visit you.

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