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Regarded as Ecuador’s most beautiful city cuenca is located high in the value of qua pond a league declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site the old town of cuenca is a well preserved medieval fortress town presenting exceptional examples of religious, and secular architecture from the th to th centuries many of the colonial buildings were converted, and updated resulting in a distinct blended architecture with both local, and European influences walking the streets the famous Shola Queen Cana standout these are women of mixed Spanish, and indigenous ancestry who can be found making, and selling handicrafts in the plazas, and streets of the city is years old she’s a farmer she has her guinea pigs, and during her free time she makes those beautiful leavings a fundamental expression of the Shola’s mixed heritage is her costume topped by the colorful Shaw called a mucuna mucuna x’ are woven using a bound work resist method first the wool is dyed then skillfully worked with a loom Vienna kites elemental a decent aura Petkovic in espalda it is Cuero the venado, and finally finished with a knotted fringe sometimes the intricate, and detailed designs on the mccune s are.

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So perfect visitors wonder if the designs are prints intricate patterns of beauty can also be found at an orchid farm an hour northeast of cuenca one of the world’s largest orchid growing operations cultivating more than, varieties la diferencia en el vídeo de una Flores que tiene tres a Palos you know dos tres dos petal oohs Syria uno dos UN lobello eunuch alumna the essence of Latin America a unique people, and an unforgettable destination experience the exquisite crafts the diverse architecture, and the breathtaking scenery on the andean side of ecuador the andean side of ecuador a place of generous, and happy people boasting a range of ethnic identities a place where it is rare to pass a person without saying hello with a few extra days here who might you meet traveling from the countryside market to the city of quaint or on a train ride on the devil’s nose where the tracks make switchbacks to work their way through steep mountain terrain or in one of the churches of Cuenca built in the Spanish.

Colonial era or in the daily flower market lurking in the shadow of the monumental Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception you Galapagos Islands, and the Amazon wilds heading towards these two rich ecosystems representing two remarkably different worlds the interaction with the people, and the ecology interaction with the other travelers look at the beautiful bird fly, and look at the look at the that’s a cat ekkada they’re painting my face, and the happy thoughts happy symbols what course would you set in the Amazon, and the Galapagos everything has been excellent. We’ve got a perfect tour guide trip leader Patricio Fernandez spent four years apprentices under the Ecuadorian shamans of the Amazon he shares his robust insider’s experience of he firoan people modern windmills he is. So knowledgeable it is just unbelievable yeah every little subject he knows, and you can a great deal about yeah you can be off on almost anything, and he just comes up with the my new little details all the names Tree Grows feet a year Wow every it.

So, it’s very fast growing the best the best couldn’t have picked a better trip later, and he’s always there no matter what he’s always there taking care of everything OHE groups are great people they choose oh. Because they want adventure they want to learn about the country that they’re visiting. So basically they’re open to everything Ecuador’s napo river is a tributary of the Amazon along its banks the edge of tropical rainforests can be found as well as several riverfront farms raising all sorts of food including shrimp cattle, and yuca we’re going to a home of one of the indigenous peoples, and we’re going to help prepare food, and have lunch, and see. How they live, and what their house is okay turn a little bit more right there maybe the plan is.

I shot then, it’s a very important part of the culture of the native people is is what to all people that are visiting a native family would do in in in respect for the family, and for the culture the yesterday you have in United State is in the cactus Nancy’s are our two gurus okay. So you can histor Harbison from this stage you know this traditional Ecuadorian crop is called yuca palm for hundreds of years the inhabitants of South America have harvested them for their tubular roots which can be included in a variety of dishes ranging from baked pancakes to soup digging up the yuca pulling out the roots peeling it cutting it she’s gonna mash it, and do something marvelous of it for lunch you can split it, and Emma you wanna put it in a pot. So we’re gonna be learning. How to prepare the traditional food okay she’s been already cooking some of them vampire fish has been wrapped whether with with a leaf the plantain leaves contain, and concentrate the savory juices of the fish or whatever food is wrapped within native people from this region have been preparing meals in this fashion for centuries, and for all eating off the leaves rest and I think we’ll always remember the shish kebab really very she’s going to skew them okay, and then we’re gonna roast the Ray over the fire, and this becomes crispy, and crunchy oh really.

I draw a line, and say my lines dried. This is for happy hour tonight. I had a little of the girl, and it was delicious it really was, and after that we have this Brogan, and a spirit contest crafted from the trunks of peach palm trees these blow guns, and Spears have been the hunters weapons of choice in the Amazon women did really well – ladies you can cut fresh the catfish when the river gets shallow you can easily see. How they move in the water oh.

I think just seeing a family living in their own home, and and living their own life which is. So different from what we’re used to in the United States it is really wonderful click a lapa those islands are world-renowned for the creatures that live here each island supports animals who are uniquely suited to their self observations of their adaptations to their environment became the evidence for naturalist Charles Darwin, and his theory of evolution but Galapagos tortoise which can live more than years the blue footed boobie they’re kind of doing the boobie dance best variety of wildlife, and trees zillion different kinds of triggers, and plants amazing. I’ve done things.

I never thought. I could do before. I’ve been places.

I never thought I’d go before and I’ve listened earn. So much about Africa, it’s been wonderful from the heart of the Amazon to the volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos a journey beyond belief Ecuador’s all-inclusive wilderness awaits you hi. I’m Patricia Fernandez Salvador and I’m a triplet of for overseas adventure travel.

This is on the program ultimate Galapagos exploration, and Ecuador’s Amazon wilds you. I had a really interesting life when I was six years old my family was forced to leave Ecuador, and we went to United States fantastic experience.

I was there till about years old, and then we returned to Ecuador. I’m a mestizo part native, and part Spanish. I lived for years with shamans in the Amazon.

I became an apprentice to the shaman and I have adopted the Amazon ethnic religion as my religion historically in Ecuador has always been issues which is typical of all Latin America Spanish conquest millions of native people practically being treated as slaves by a few thousand Spanish families now we have a new government since seven years ago supporting the majority of Ecuadorians that’s why the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa has the support of at least sixty to three percent of the Ecuadorians in my opinion that is a very good sign of true democracy, it’s impossible to describe a typical area of Ecuador Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands we have a cloud forest we have the Andes, and of course the Amazon tropical rainforest. So each area of Ecuador is unique, and incredibly diverse the people of Ecuador are a product of the nations. So we are incredibly diverse.

I invite you to come to my little country Ecuador.

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