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We’re looking at the coolest or should we say the hottest beach destinations throughout Europe as nominated by the World Travel Awards. Cannes, France, located on one of the French Riviera’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, Ken has plenty to offer for people from all walks of life. There are numerous private and public beaches. If you’ve got money to burn and crave luxury, you can opt for the former. But the public options are just as stunning, just a lot more crowded and busy. They are well maintained and some public beaches will let you use showers and rent equipment just like the fancier ones do.

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And of course the plasma see might be the most famous speech of all at the location of the Cannes Film Festivals, public screenings, Oludeniz Turkey at the intersection of the Mediterranean Sea and the agency is O Lunas, a small village in Western Turkey with a gorgeous stretch of golden sand for guests to enjoy. Its name is generally translated to Blue Lagoon because, well, crystal clear blue water. If You watch it, you’ll find it’s Turkey’s most popular beach destination for good reason, thanks not only to the beach but also to the quaint village and surrounding mountains which make it feel like an especially intimate destination. The best part is its size. It’s big enough that all beach going tourists will always be able to find cozy spots on the sand, somewhere Marbella, Spain, far on the southern coast of Spain in the Costa del Sol, the resort destination of Marbella, is hot and dry throughout the year with no shortage. Of sun or sea you can find no fewer than 23 beaches lining the shores, many of which have won awards because of their high quality beaches like Nikki Beach are famous for their luxury and the big name VIPs they attract.

But they won’t be too kind to your wallet. Closer to the city center there are more relaxed beaches like Bounty Beach with plenty of facilities available, but really you can’t go wrong with CaboPino Beach, Playa del Playa Del Rio real and the list goes on and on Corfu. Greece, while it’s in the Ionian Sea, far further north than many of Greece is famous Mediterranean islands. Corfu is globally renowned as a paradise, the Long Island’s eastern coast is where you can find most of the popular tourist beaches like agio Spirit, Donis and can’t OK Lee and many more. Well on the islands. Northwestern Edge there’s beautiful. See Daddy and it’s famous Canal D’amour though if you’re after wild parties you can’t do better than Cabo speech and its legions of British tourists.

To the South with more Pebble beaches and stretches of grassland than elsewhere in Greece, Corfu is a unique and varied landscape, Peloponnese, Greece and mainland Greece is. Southern Peninsula is clearly no slouch either when it comes to amazing beaches away from many of the small bustling islands and the metropolis of Athens to the northeast, it’s easy to find a stunning coastal village to while away the hours sunbathing in areas like Laconia and Messenia. Void Achillea beach. And it’s Crescent ship of dunes is a real stunner. Lots of places here remain relatively untouched by tourism, in spite of Greece’s popularity as a destination. So don’t expect to have to fight against insufferable crowds if you pick the right place. Mavrovo new beaches, wonderful while CMOS beach and its environs are sometimes referred to as the Caribbean of Greece and is especially celebrated for its beauty. Lovely white sand beach.

Sardinia Italy West of mainland Italy lies this large island boasting over 1000 miles of coastline. With every type of beat your heart desires, the vivid blue waters in stark white sand have beaches like Spiaggia and Abby, Anke and Spiaggia di Skyvu will thrill you with their beauty, not to mention their warm seas, perfect for swimming and other water adventures. Sardinia is also a popular location with the rich and famous who also frequent its beaches. Sardinia offers plenty of options for people who don’t enjoy lounging in the Sun all day too, with many hiking and climbing opportunities, but hey, this is a beach. Paradise mallorca Spain. Simply put, there’s a beach for everyone in this Spanish haven. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for. Family friendly beaches are definitely on offer here, but there are also racier and party oriented beaches. And of course nudist beaches for braver or more confident sunbathers, more than 30 of May orcas, hundreds of beaches have blue flags, meaning they’re rated as the continent’s best beaches by the European Union for beautiful water.

A beach like the southeast coasts. Kalaman, Drago, a prime snorkeling spot, is a good bet, but you certainly can’t go wrong with the awesome Playa de Muro, Algarve. Portugal voted Europe’s best beach destination, not just this year but also in half a dozen previous years. The Algarve is simply superb. The turquoise waters stretching along the Atlantic, Portuguese costar bomb for the human spirit and wash up against approximately 150 beaches. One fascinating spot is Benagil Beach, which lies next to Benagil. Pave a unique rock formation with a natural skylight. Some of the algarve’s best speeches are either secluded or quiet, such as Prada Marina or Prada Castle. While some are certainly livelier, like my abrea exciting spots like Priya Devola, Figuera also offer great surfing to the more adventurous of you out there. There’s definitely a beach here for everyone.

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