Malaga City Beaches

Welcome to Malaga, the capital of the beautiful Costa del Sol known for its historical, cultural and culinary highlights. Malaga city is home to some great beaches, many of which are off the usual tourist routes. Let’s take a look. We invite you to visit the beautiful beaches around Malaga city, with over days of sunshine a year. They can be enjoyed all year round. See you in Malaga!

Malaga City Beaches Photo Gallery

Malaga the home of the boquerón

Welcome to Málaga, the land of the boquerón or anchovy an icon of Malaga and the adopted nickname of the city, which malagueños wear with pride. Here, the boquerón is the king of the table. Let’s take a look at some of the star qualities of Malaga’s bay’s finest protagonist. Can we tempt you to join us and savour in this authentic taste of Malaga?.

MAUS Malaga Urban Street Art Project

Welcome to Malaga’s art district, also known as SOHO, a unique spot in the centre of Malaga where artists have created an authentic open-air art gallery. Let’s take a look. We invite you to see the wonderful work of many important artists in Malaga’s art district also known as SOHO or Barrio de las Artes.

Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory in Mijas

Mayan Monkey Mijas is our name, it’s our vision and it’s our mission as well. So the monkeys, and other wild animals that discovered this fruit, would just spit the beans out and that’s what lead to the dispersal of cacao throughout the whole area of Meso-America and what we discover is that we’ve got lots of cacao for a reason, what should we do with it? So the Mayans (that’s the second element in our name) the Mayans are the ones that created chocolate in its recognisable form at the time it was a drink, rather than a solid food, what we’re used to today. They started to ferment the bean, dry the bean, roast it, grind it, and to make a drink.

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