Bergen – Norway

The scenery down in the southern part as we approach Brogan is. So much different than the very stark scenery or annoyed caca band coming down the upper Bergen located on the west coast of Norway is home to the brig in an area containing the historical harbour buildings that inspired UNESCO to declare the city a world heritage site sceneries beautiful, and the program directors just have.

Bergen – Norway Photo Gallery

So much information freely given just just wonderful by the aquarium be careful out there there’s a lot of the region south, it’s their part of the world, and they are happy to talk about it what is funicular me, it’s a small railway basically tiny tiny railroad the Floyd Bannen fer Nick Euler is found in the heart of Bergen the journey up to the fløyen ascends to meters above sea level you need to go up the funicular that that’s a tremendous view of the city traditionally the buildings of Bergen were constructed in a fire raged building after building went up in smoke, and % of the city was damaged only a few of the traditional style buildings were left at the harbour the cost, and risk of fire led to the modernization of Bergen in the th century when the city adopted the new block system you.

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