Let The USA Road Trip Begin

Hey guys this is our first time leaving our hotel all day, and that means that we only have an hour left, and sunlight, and the only reason we came out is.

Because we’re hunger we haven’t eaten all day. So we’re going to go out the Chipotle. Because it smells another one of our face places that we would go to when we came here last time. But we literally spent all morning doing work, and getting some posts up for you guys are you kidding me how are we gonna get our fix luckily for us there’s a chapada on every finally acero who dad who dad Aziz EEE I said who that who that Ozzy the II feel like they are you like Aziz put on a bit of weight until I saw you yes it’s so good also we shall we had fun factor with you guys I hate I’ve caught it like absolutely they hate is the devil’s food I don’t care bite me in the comments. But I love guacamole I don’t know I think it’s a texture thing, and she gave us a lot of Jacob I know he’s super nice we’re talking before see you, and I feel like we were just like possible reverse culture shock there’s a couple of things that I keep noticing. So one is that in seminar for two more months she, I’m definitely feeling weird. Because I keep putting my toilet paper in the baby’s head in the toilet is in South America they’re really bad plumbing.

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So yeah I think this is every time I go into a new body penis with my seatbelt on and, I’m asleep elders, I’m a seatbelt Nazis in South America they never had seatbelts I got accustomed to still not even bother looking, and what would tell if they’re hip nosing keep saying all that you do you think a lot everyone Christine I can’t remember the others. But it is feeling really weird, and the customer said yogurts the shower yes. So for like two months we were having cold showers or in the volunteer place of throwing cold showers and. So now, I’m finding water like two pots on my skin as you share I can really functionalists do you think doing it on my face no it’s fine waiting, I’m gonna make freedom una hi. So that’s the day done a good whole play date though now we’re going to the movies we’re trying out the theater across from our hotel at the little light I think this is the 16th Street Mall yeah it’s been. So long since I believe me we’ve just lived off this street as well have you noticed pretty much maybe you guys have enjoyed the 16th Street log of Denmark. But it’s been.

So as we went to the movies I feel like before we did our year of travel we serve go to the movies every weekend it was nothing I think of like we like to spend money on that oh my gosh the lighting it is not like in me two seconds guys we got distracted. Because we saw that there were group toys up for grabs. But then we just realized that it’s only a two prong er that’s gonna be. So hard. But you all know that steam is quite good at this game I was apparently make it do they yeah two prongs it’s probably got boiled up, and these are probably glued on to the floor. So anyway you see what a Groot what I feel is saying gonna happen yeah I want a group he want to get a Deadpool. Because he said it was easier.

But you need to go hard or go home Steve, and that one no go for that one back there yeah he’s gotta check what do you think room come on you need to go over a little oh sorry me was it a toy oh no oh you got his head it’s boys -. So funny that I didn’t like Americans hi I’ve got something in my head you can look like you got a triple odd wobbly belly Oh they barely in their babies what’s it man man what’s this – oh within in America you can buy burgers, and nachos I have to go to the cinema the last time we went to an American movie was back on are you reading us it was the kids first time I think one of the first time the kids went to the movies at least the first time they sat through the movies, and we’re going to see minions swing back maps, and I was that Utah cinema was so cool with the indoor like city called nostalgia we literally have the entire cinema to ourselves everyone the disabled scene II know I got the private scene for us we need a recap you need to get on Wikipedia please look like they’re from the candy bar guys thought was really good I enjoyed it good fun now we have some Christmas carols on Jess is all in her new coochie charmese that she bought, and we’ve decided to go back to a suitcase. So we went to TJ Maxx what a suitcase. Because well that’s. Because we keep buying stuff. So you don’t really mean out in our luggage by the way we came back to the Sheraton giving us more local goodies we have some popcorn which I wish I saw before the movies I could have taken them in Rocky Mountain popcorn.

So I assume that’s from Denver as well, and we’ll have some local beer which I assume is from the local brewery as well Pale Ale, and another thing from the Great Divide Brewing Co Denver, and we are on a road trip tomorrow, I’m picking up the car a little bit nervous. Because they have to drive on the wrong side of the road. But you’ll be fine as long as there’s no big no storms which would be exciting though. Because I’ve never seen a snowstorm before let’s go brother well I feel like you now know all my comment below please if you actually use this mirror like what even is this guys welcome to Denver Colorado the only way to start any great American road trip is a stop off at Walmart dammit the main reason I came in here is to get the new GoPro. Because we might going right by the way Christmas just threw up in our trolley. But that’s for another post okay try in another store need to get this GoPro, and you guys can’t have a normal target could you test it’s from Easy of FA yay, I’ll talk about this with my review thoughts in a few days time we found a Christmas radio station now we need to find food alrighty guys for our roadtrip lunch we’ve grabbed a lock burger. Because we’ve noticed them everywhere and, I’m pretty sure they might be from Denver they’re everywhere that I’ve seen more of LOC burgers, and McDonald’s we’ve gone straight Shack burgers Steve another big portobello no this looks good.

But we want to tell you our plans for the road trip. So we’re heading every color to Colorado Springs who need a friend saying the night they’re just saying hello, and then we’re heading on to Crested Butte which every time we tell someone here in Colorado are going there that like that is the crowning jewel of Colorado oh my gosh is burger yeah butter it they butter it, and then they toast the bun it’s so cool it’s so tasty oh my gosh yeah. So tonight at Colorado Springs, and a lot of you guys told us we should head up to Colorado Springs, and yes I keep saying that I heard buuuut is beautiful, and that’s why we’re going there okay for a whole week let’s rotate ah hello Colorado Springs we literally put into Google coffee shop urban steam popped up if you from Colorado Springs listen if it’s any good yes hot this place does Greek prophase just like in Greece with the Greek Nescafe with the rulers are all juveniles that, I’m coming back for this what I miss , and Justin yeah are you guys enjoying it this is the place okay Brittany does some AUSA’s up check out the instagrams sensationally. But we are where we come out humanitary Springs am I saying that right met Manitou, I’m in car to a penny arcade, and it’s like super old, and rustic why are we shooting baby duckies it’s like the gingers game like these things are so terrifying this place is so cool, and retro looking like it’s super old oh I think it’s out wait no what are you oh yeah there we go he’s giving us two sets which is cold we’ve come back to adjustment, and Brittany’s house, and we have to try I have to fill my reaction. Because we need to try Lacroix everyone keeps talking about this drink, and you guys know we’ve cut outside of it you were saying that this is like semi healthy for you it’s just water it’s just it’s just water on this side steam it says it’s what flavored with medicines naturally essence like the ingredients sir hipster only carbonated water naturally essence that means for a natural orange probably really basic flavor. But let’s try compare with you ginger come try Justus I just made a cell phone by the way she’s like super comfy it’s a soda water with a really cool name Lacroix.

But it has a flavor yes. Because I hate soda water. But I could drink that yeah yeah I like it yeah yeah all the different flavors they all taste let’s try them all pretty it tastes like orange it tastes like someone’s put like a tiny dash of Fanta, and then a huge bottle of soda water.

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