Great Snorkeling Trips in the Dominican Republic

Snorkeling is an exhilarating activity that anyone can experience in a seaside vacation. It is particularly a great way to bond and share new experiences with family or friends on vacation. With thousands of miles of coastline, the Dominican Republic has gained popularity as a premier destination for beach lovers. You will find great snorkeling spots throughout the island, from the scenic Bay of Sosua, to plenty snorkelling excursions in the touristy Punta Cana, and even the bohemian town of Las Terenas.

For the best snorkeling in the Dominican Republic, travellers will have to make their way to Catalina Island. If you are all about snorkeling and exploring the marvels beneath the surface this is the right place to go for your next vacation. It will prove to be an exciting adventure like no other.


The village of Sosua, situated in the province of  Puerto Plata is great destination for shore snorkelling. With over 5 reefs at swimming distance from the shore (or a quick 2 minute boat ride) it is no surprise that Sosua is a top destination for Snorkeling for travellers visiting the Northern Coast. Puerto Plata Tours that visit the snorkeling destination often include beach time to enjoy the pristine waters in the bay, enjoy fresh mussels or the catch of the day.

Catalina Island

A short boat ride from mainland, Catalina Island is the perfect snorkeling getaway in the Dominican Republic. A great location for ocean lovers who can participate in a variety of aquatic activities, such as SNUBA or diving in the water, and paddle boarding or kayak on the beach. For travellers that enjoy natural landscapes, Catalina is an uninhabited national park with stunning beaches, cliffs, and Birdlife. The best Catalina Island Snorkeling Excursion   will visit “Playa Grande,” an exclusive beach club situated on the nicest beach on the island with plenty of shore snorkeling.

If you decide to visit the Dominican Republic’s unique natural splendour’s and sugary white sand beaches, make sure to add a day trip to Catalina Island.

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