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More elderly residents arrived and I was able to try piecing Xuzhou Map Tourist Attractions together the house’s history since my grandparent a had moved from Beijing to Tientsin (Tianjin- Xuzhou Map Tourist Attractions shi Province) in 1932. It had been occupied by a Chinese politician who came to a sticky end soon after the Japanese invaded in 1941. My grandfather came close to a sticky end at the same time in Tientsin; the Japanese tended to annihilate people with influence and dear Grandpa presumably qualified as one.

He was put in a Japanese prison, underground, where he was held for seven months. The only thing that he would ever tell me about that period was that one day when he was being taken for interrogation he saw an old man with matted hair coming towards him. The old man’s clothes hung off him in rags, and from his tall build he must have once been a commanding figure.

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