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The gentle rolling hills of Tuscany the dramatic peaks of the dolomites, and the sun-splashed colors of the Riviera offer a taste of Italy’s northern wonders join us as we discover these diverse landscapes along with the cultural treasures of Florence Pisa bolts on oh, and Venice on this vacation. You’ll truly immerse yourself in local culture as you explore this region in depth. You’ll see a side of the people, and a way of life that you might not see with other travel companies and

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You’ll learn the personal history of your destination through encounters with local people from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly to Rome before setting out for Florence to explore this Renaissance city, and the highlights of the surrounding Tuscan countryside then, it’s on to the Italian Riviera a visual feast of colorful architecture fronted by the sparkling Mediterranean, and back dropped by gardens, and vineyards growing on the steep hillsides travel high into the Italian Alps to historic bolts on all with charm, and traditions reflect its Austrian influences then leave the mountains behind, and journey to the Adriatic side of Italy, and the romantic city of Venice a miss journey. You’ll delve into European history, and culture learn about the wealth of Renaissance art in Florence, and enjoy ample time to discover some of this ancient city’s striking buildings, and piazzas as you take in stunning views along the Italian Riviera.

You’ll enjoy a stop in Pisa where there’s free time to explore the piazza dei miracoli the square of miracles, and witness the city’s famed Leaning Tower in Venice. You’ll have an opportunity to travel as the locals do when you ride in a small ferry or vaporetto and You’ll learn more about this city of canals on an included guided tour.

I was really excited about this trip to northern Italy. Because it covers. So many cool places this one the Leaning Tower of Pisa we just came from Florence, and on our way to portofino Cinque Terre bolzano up in the Alps.

This is fantastic, and it ends in Venice you with dinner at a local winery, and travel to Innsbruck Austria enjoy a tour of the Old Town, and market square with its th, and th century houses, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip get to know the eternal city of Rome from its fabled classical sites to its lively neighborhoods stroll through illuminated ruins in the evening discover the wealth of treasures in its world-class museums, and savor Rome’s legendary culinary traditions discover Venice during a stroll among its exquisite medieval architecture or during an optional twilight gondola tour along its canals, and perhaps. You’ll visit the art field hauls of the academia gallery or witnessed the world-famous glass works on Murano Island come with us to northern Italy for an unforgettable journey through varied landscapes join us small groups of convivial travelers who enjoy sharing new experiences, and discover historic cities that stand out of the world’s finest you call today to explore Tuscany the Alps, and the Italian Riviera with Grand Circle you.

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