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The only other site I wanted to visit was the excavation Hangzhou Subway Map of the famous terracotta army, 6,000 lifesize clay soldiers, grouped in battle order Hangzhou Subway Map . This has attracted the world’s notice since it was discovered only ten years ago. The figures stand in ranks, many of the infantry hold swords or crossbows, some archers kneel in the firing position, faces intent on their aim, and there are several horse-drawn chariots with charioteers. The army is believed to guard a royal tomb, but no tomb has yet been discovered in the immediate vicinity. A guide said that the tomb builders and craftsmen of the terracotta army had been killed and buried in pits nearby so that they could never tell about the tomb’s location. What a waste of manpower and of art.

We resumed to our silent vigil until Kat’s next question, “Were you part of the Italian Hall Panic? Did you lose someone? Did you die?”

For a moment nothing, and then a faint sound, a whisper. It was none of us. Just our imagination? Only later would we know.

EMF and temperature were checked. Kat was about to tell us the EMF had spiked but

halted in mid sentence. “I think I just saw a shadow back there. Right against the window,” she whispered. Immediately vigilant, our eyes turned toward the window. Nothing. Laura commented this had been a very active area on the last investigation.

Stage, Red Jacket Opera House.

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