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Just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong you’ll find the island of Macau, which is steeped with culture and history. Macau was once a Portuguese colony and in the historic center you get these really interesting buildings with a mix of Chinese and Portuguese influence. The Ruins of St Paul was once a church. All that’s left now is this facade which has become a landmark.

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The A-Ma Temple is the oldest temple and this is actually where Macau got its name. It used to be called the the A-Ma-Gau Temple. Along these cobblestone streets you can literally smell and hear the diversity of this tiny city.

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There are so many different kinds of food you can try here. The barbecue pork and it is good! Gambling is the number one industry here in Macau, and there’s so much activity. I get such a good view going up this cable car.

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Here at Guia Fort you’ll find the first lighthouse built in the Far East. And from here you’ll get some of the best views of the city. The Macau Tower is the entertainment center and it’s modeled after the one in Auckland.

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You can also skywalk or bungee jump, and I think someone’s about to jump off it. Oh my God! With the diverse cultures and food and of course the gambling, Macau is sure to keep you busy.

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