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Bye-bye stuck in about half an hour bus is coming to pick us up, and if you take 7 to 8 hours lots of shots outside the window I think I mean in San Fran like eight nine months is our yummy breakfast for the day it’s a falafel wrap last time seen these Hollywood stars for now now we’re in the middle of nowhere it’s about halfway between Los Angeles, and San Francisco just a Burger King yeah Arnold’s currently in front of the Burger King, and open plains oh I’d like a crop field or something Oh winery how tonight I probably look horrible right now bet on way gonna jump back on the bus, and go out like four hours to go yeah it’s just possible just right I cake Manila, and whatever you say you don’t where we are San Jose yeah it’s like a little garden apartment.

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So there’s like a big house, and then we’re singing their little like granny flat yeah I saw it’s dark at the moment. So I won’t show you that the backyard looks really bigger nice anyway mom’s house thanks want to show you around that’s our tradition now let’s see looks blurry marinate. So it’s blue yeah no it doesn’t see this some pulls out it’s two stories this pulls out as a bed, and this is the first floor, and then we go up a big grand staircase to a fridge a kitchen, and a little tiny toilet, and shower that’s all we really need this is all you need, and that’s where the next-door neighbors live yeah. So we won’t disturb them oh, and there’s the San Fran bridge right the Golden Gate Bridge which we will, I’m sure we will see in the next few days oh yeah just what we saw Mike the last thirty minutes like we walked a few blocks down reminders very much of all it doesn’t let me up.

But rude hilly steep nicely I actually didn’t expect it like everything is like this like I felt sick from going up such deep stuff carrying all my stuff. But I know what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna do anything foggy smokey Tomas is actually a bit chilly which was quite it was um I think that’s it what’s not sorry hope you enjoyed the the socks you should produce yeah the bus window. So it’s like a quick day. Because really who spent eight hours trying to middle bus, and now we’re here that’s not, I’m sorry. But yet tomorrow we’re not showing you the city its oh yeah yeah. So wait you know I think we have to be ready at 6 a.m.

, and they’re gonna drive us to Yosemite for the day which is if you don’t know what it is you’ll see tomorrow all right good night guys, I’m hungry beautiful okay I love Hollywood. So these are prawn crackers do you guys call them something else like fruit chips anything how many is it doing songs section I can genius way that they’ve packed us for takeaway I’ve never seen ever done before. So simple I feel like you’re looking down on me right oh this is a vegetable dish this is garlic spinach looks good they gave us a fortune cookie Dogen they don’t really do that mr. Alan yeah they don’t do prawn crackers that’s I guess the Dow a win-lose yeah I guess let’s ops this is sign up for number two – it’s gonna eat some Chinese student go to bed see you tomorrow guys bye ulcer Oh al goal was to get 300 commentrs before we left LA, and weari hundred or one thank you so much thank you. So much.

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