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You must learn to recognise the pitfalls in advance.’ Best travel in China The ruts flattened into dust and I took a turning out of the town in the direction Best travel in China of the nearby lake at Aydingkol. This lake, at about 500 feet below sea level, is the lowest point in China and the second lowest in the world. Out in the desert the cart rattled and thumped over the bumps. Since we were keeping up a smart trot, the driving took all my concentration and there were some hairy moments. So I slowed the donkey’s pace and we ambled along, creaking gently.

The first was recorded in the early morning hours at Reynolds Cemetery. Jeff asks, “If anyone wants to tell me who the murderer was of the Crouch family, please tell me now.” The clear, unequivocal response, “Danny.”

The second audio clip Jeff sent was also recorded at Reynolds Cemetery. Knowing that Jacob enjoyed drinking, Jeff loudly called out, “Drinks are on Jacob!” Jeff told us to listen just before he speaks. A single word, “Dan” was clearly heard. There was no question about it.

Upon our closer analysis, however, there seemed to be a continuation after Jeff spoke. We removed Jeff’s words and clipped the two audio pieces together? The EVP was clear and its meaning unquestionable.

“Dan shot us.”

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