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New Hampshire Development of Latino Organizations

The first Latino nonprofit organization opened in 1974. The Latin American Center Inc. remains open and provides translation services and summer camp opportunities for Latinos in the Manchester area. The 1990s saw the development of other Latino-owned and Latino-operated businesses and nonprofit organizations. In 2000, Latinos Unidos of New Hampshire was formed not only to organize the Latino Festival but also to provide leadership training for the state’s expanding Latino population and to establish a scholarship fund for New Hampshire’s Latino residents. Two other notable organizations have also been created.

Vision Hispana New Hampshire was founded to strengthen Latino presence in New Hampshire. It hosts an annual Latino summit held at the University of New Hampshire. In 2007 Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico was the featured speaker at the summit. Vote Now Hispanic New Hampshire was formed to increase the political influence of Latinos. Its goal is to register Latino voters and provide voter education.

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