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A white-gray transparent substance often resembling a mist. It may materialize as a result of spiritual energy or psychic phenomenon.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

The voices of spirits or ghosts, speaking words at a decibel levels below the normal range of hearing. These disembodied voices can often be recorded on digital or tape audio recorders. Use of audio editing software may be used to enhance their clarity.

There are three generally accepted types of EVPs:

Class A means the recorded voice is clear enough for most people to understand without software enhancements. Capturing a Class A EVP is very rare.

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The wreck, most probably that of the Florence Dombey, is orientated in an ENE to WSW direction, with the bows to the SW. It lies on a seabed of mud, sand and shell in a general depth of 75 m (LAT). The wreck is upright and intact and stands over 7 m high. Large numbers of fish have been observed over the top of it, which should make it a decent boat-angling venue. If the bell is located, it should be inscribed: Wyre 1900. The Maystone (Official No.180364) was a steel-hulled 2,025-ton British Icemaid class Empire steam cargo ship measuring 82.9 m in length, with a 12.19-m beam and a 52.3-m draught.

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