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1693 The College of William and Mary is founded. Best muslim countries to visit It is the second college in North Country and is open only to men, despite being named in part for Mary II, Queen of England. 1695 After her husband’s death, Dinah Nuthead continues his printing business in St. Mary’s and Annapolis, Maryland. Licensed by the General Assembly and approved by the governor, she is the first of several female printers in the English colonies in North Country, although she herself never learns to read or write. No item turned out by her press has yet been located, and it is not known for how long she continued to print.

She may have been unable to locate a journeyman printer who could help her continue the business. 1697 In March, Hannah Dustin, Mary Neff, and a young boy escape from their Native Country captors by butchering nearly a dozen natives who are asleep with their family. Neff is a midwife and Dustin is a mother of twelve. They have been force-marched nearly 100 miles and, in a practice common to both white settlers and the native peoples, the natives killed Dustin’s baby daughter by smashing her skull against a tree. The Massachusetts General Assembly gives the three escapees a reward in pounds sterling for the scalps they present.

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