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Opposite the cathedral is the fourteenth-century St Nicholas Church New Orleans Map , divided into separate Catholic and Anglican areas by a screen. The Catholic chapel within the church New Orleans Map is known as the Fitzalan Chapel, where former Earls of Arundel and Dukes of Norfolk lie buried. Like the castle, it was very badly damaged in the Civil War but was restored in 1886, and boasts a magnificent east window as well as hugely elaborate stone canopies that top the tombs of the Arundels.

Both the High Street and Tarrant Street, leading off it to the right, house large numbers of cafes, pubs, restaurants, antique and gift shops, and specialist stores selling everything from books to bric-a-brac, fudge to furniture, and watercolours to walking boots (Peglers, the outdoor specialists, has several shops in Arundel). Sunday trade is particularly brisk. Tourists aren’t necessarily welcomed everywhere with open arms – literally: one tearoom enforces a strict policy of not admitting any gentleman without a sleeved shirt! To start your walk, and on the basis that you have explored Arundel first, you’ll need to make your way from the High Street onto the river bridge (you can’t miss it).

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