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1701 The proprietors propose the terms by which they would surrender Mesa Map Tourist Attractions East and West Jersey to the Crown. The most notable of these are that the proprietors will Mesa Map Tourist Attractions give up all rights of government; Perth Amboy, Burlington, and Cohansey will be free ports; and New Jersey will become a single colony with an elective assembly. 1703 Colonial politics begin to be dominated by the Cornbury ring, named after the governor, Lord Cornbury.

Cornbury spends most of his energy placing his friends in high offices and trying to control the legislature. Cornbury’s party also tries to disfranchise the Quakers. 1707 John Lovelace, a colonel in the military, arrives to replace Cornbury as governor. Although he tries to reconcile the conflicts between the different levels of government, he dies the next year. Lovelace’s lieutenant governor, Richard Ingoldsby, replaces him. Ingoldsby runs afoul of the legislature immediately, and the legislature repeatedly refuses to raise money for various projects, including Queen Anne’s War.

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